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Lilian Broadbent, formerly known as Lilian Barnett, made darts history in 1985 as the first non-British winner of the WINMAU Women’s World Masters.

This New Zealand darts sensation overcame the odds to claim victory, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of darts.

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Lilian Barnett, a remarkable darts player from New Zealand, etched her name in the annals of darting history with her impressive achievements and captivating journey in the sport.

In 1985, Lilian achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the first non-British winner of the WINMAU Women’s World Masters.

This prestigious victory took place at the Rainbow Suite in Kensington, London, and marked a turning point in her career.

At the time, the Women’s World Masters was considered one of the most challenging darts competitions for both men and women, with numerous grueling rounds leading to the group finals and ultimately, the championship.

Lilian’s win was even more remarkable because she was not widely known in the darts world, despite her talent and experience on the oche.

Lillian Barnett Darts Player Wikipedia
Lilian Barnett, New Zealand’s darts sensation, left an unforgettable mark. (Image Source: USA Today)

Her journey to the title included victories over formidable opponents, such as Margaret Drumm of Scotland, Gierd Wage of Norway, and England’s Pat Connaughton in the semi-finals.

In the thrilling final, Lilian triumphed over England’s Sonya Ralphs, who had previously won the title in 1983, winning 3-1 and securing her place in history as the first non-British player to claim the Women’s World Masters title.

Beyond her achievements on the oche, Lilian’s commitment to darts extended to her involvement in County darts for Middlesex Ladies’ B’ team, where she dominated her matches, eventually earning her a place in the ladies ‘A’ side.

Lilian’s journey in darts was not without challenges, including personal and financial hurdles.

Still, her passion for the sport never waned. She aimed to promote darts in New Zealand, nurture future champions, and attract sponsors to elevate the country’s standing in world darts.

Lilian Broadbent, a true darts star, remained a beloved figure in the darts community. Her legacy lives on, inspiring both players and enthusiasts alike.

Lilian’s impact on the sport extends beyond her remarkable victories, reminding us of the passion and dedication that fuel champions in the world of darts.

Lillian Barnett Age: How Old Was She?

Lilian Barnett, born on June 16, 1942, left an indelible mark on the world of darts throughout her remarkable life.

Her journey in the sport spanned several decades, and she achieved legendary status in the darts community.

At the time of her passing on August 13, 2018, she had reached the age of 76, a testament to her enduring love for the game.

Lillian Barnett Darts Player Wikipedia
Born June 16, 1942, Lilian Barnett passed at age 76 on August 13, 2018. (Image Source: BBC)

One of her crowning achievements was her historic victory in 1985 when she became the first non-British darts player to win the prestigious WINMAU Women’s World Masters.

This groundbreaking triumph was a defining moment in her career and an inspiration to aspiring players worldwide.

Lilian’s dedication and unwavering passion for darts were evident in her success in her home country of New Zealand and on the international stage.

Her journey was characterized by resilience, skill, and a love for the game that never waned.

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