Lindsay Clancy Was Attempting Suicide

Lindsay Clancy attempted suicide after she murdered her two kids; the case has flooded the Internet since the news was made public on Wednesday.

Lindsay Clancy was from Plymouth and tried to attempt suicide when her husband caught her and called Police right away.

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The husband was home at 6 pm evening, Clancy was arrested, and their three children were taken to the hospital. 

People have been passing negative comments to the mother of three, as she murdered her children and tried to attempt suicide. 

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The audience, who has been following the news since Wednesday, has been curious to learn more about the mother who killed her children and tried taking her own life. 

Lindsay Clancy Was Attempting Suicide When Her Husband Patrick Returned Home

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz confirmed the news about Clancy’s arrest on Tuesday for being accused of killing her daughter Cora, and son, Dawson, who were five and three, respectively.

Lindsay Clancy picture with her husband and two kids.
Lindsay Clancy’s picture with her husband and two kids, Cora and Dawson. (Image Source:

The mother is currently at a Boston hospital in Police custody, along with her seven-month-old child, who she tried to kill but is alive and is having treatment.

Clancy was a nurse; currently, she is on leave from her job because she is seven months old. Many people commented that she might have a mental illness, but her husband confirmed that she was doing well the other day.

Clancy’s husband called Police, saying she jumped off the window around 6 pm she killed her children when no one was home.

Her husband said he couldn’t believe she would ever try to ****** her children and attempt suicide; he said he saw her jumping from the window.

“We are shocked & saddened to learn of this unthinkable tragedy,” We extend our deepest sympathies to all affected by these devastating events,” MGH said.

It is heartbreaking to hear the news that many people, to get to know seven and three-year-old children were murdered by their mothers.

Condolence has been sent to the children’s families, and people have been praying for the seven-month-old child, who was found in cold condition with the other two children.

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Lindsay Clancy Arrest And Charges

On January 25, 2023, Lindsay was taken into custody by Police after a warrant was obtained, she was not in good condition, so she has been in treatment at a local hospital.

Clancy was arrested with two counts of ******, three counts of suffocation, and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

After the news was out, an investigation followed Clancy’s arrest. Clancy’s husband’s family cooperated and shared things in public.

Duxbury mom strangled to ***** her children aged 5 and 3 before attempting suicide
Duxbury mom strangled to ***** her children, aged 5 and 3, before attempting suicide. (Image Source: MEAWW)

Donna Jesse, who has been identified as the children’s aunt, said, “They were beautiful, beautiful children,” “It’s pretty shocking,” the children’s great-grandmother said.

Along with Clancy’s family, Police were shocked to find three children unconscious with apparent signs of trauma.

Still, her three months child has been fighting for life; the child has been having treatment in Massachusetts General Hospital, where Clancy worked as a nurse.

People have been raising questions to the mother about what gave her the courage to ****** her child and kill herself later.

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