lindsay clancy medical condition

Lindsay Clancy’s medical condition is suspected to be the critical factor in strangling her three kids.

A GoFundMe has been created to help Patrick Clancy, Lindsay’s husband while grieving the loss of their three children.

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The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, in Duxbury, Massachusettes, when Lindsay Clancy took the life of her three children and attempted suicide.

The eldest child was a five-year-old daughter Cora; the middle one, a three-year-old son Dawson; and the youngest, a seven-month son Callan.

The accused was likely not in her perfect mental condition when she did the unthinkable, to the disgust of many people.

32-year-old Lindsay Clancy is from Connecticut and graduated from Lyman Hall High School and Quinnipiac University in her hometown.

After strangling her kids, Ms. Clancy jumped out of the two-story window in an attempt to end her life, but survived and is being treated at a Massachusetts hospital.

An arrest warrant was issued last week, charging Clancy with three counts of strangulation, ******, and three counts of battery and assault with a weapon.

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Lindsay Clancy Medical Condition – What Happened To Her?

According to psychological experts, Lindsay Clancy’s mental condition might not be in the right state. 

They believe that Clancy likely had postpartum psychosis when she strangled her three children, Cora, Dawson, and Callan, to *****.

Dr. Abbie Goldberg told CTInsider that postpartum psychosis might not manifest for weeks or months after the family brings home a baby.

She said that about half of the new mothers experience some form of depression for a few weeks after giving birth.

Lindsay Clancy Medical Condition
A GoFundMe page was created to help the grieving Patrick Clancy recover from the loss of his three children. (Source: GoFundMe)

After killing her children, the 32-year-old attempted suicide by jumping out of a second-story window but survived. 

On January 29, 2023, Lindsay Clancy’s husband, Patrick, posted a lengthy update on the GoFundMe page set up for his expenses and grieving process.

He wrote that his wife had postpartum psychosis, worsening her condition daily.

The otherwise loving and caring mother was not herself when she took the drastic step to kill her children. 

Lindsay loved being a labor and delivery nurse and a dedicated mother, as Patrick remembers his wife’s condition. 

There has been an outpouring of support for Patrick Clancy by donors on the GoFundMe page set up by Matthew Glazer.

The fundraiser has collected an amount of over $936K as of January 31, 2023, with thousands of donors helping the grieving Father of three deceased children. 

Patrick Clancy Wife Accused Of Killing Three Kids

Patrick forgave his spouse and wrote that the honest Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone, including him, their kids, family, and friends.

He wishes that Lindsay finds her peace. He explained that the shock and pain are excruciating and relentless. 

The Father of the three deceased added that his marriage with Lindsay was terrific and grew more robust as her medical condition rapidly worsened.

Patrick Clancy
Patrick Clancy remembered his relationship with his wife Lindsay as a healthy marriage full of love. (Source: WCVB)

He also expressed his love for his wife by writing that he took as much pride in being her husband as he did in being a Father.

Patrick wrote that he started loving Lindsay when he first laid his eyes on her, like the love at first sight as in the movies.

Mr. Clancy, the Father of the three deceased children, ended his statement by asking people to forgive his wife, Lindsay.

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