Lindsay Clancy Parents

Readers are terrified and curious at the same time about Lindsay Clancy’s Parents after she was accused of the alleged strangling deaths of her three children.

Lindsay Clancy is a professional nurse who graduated from the 2012 Quinnipiac University graduate and Duxbury, Mass. 

Following the incident, Lindsay and her 7-month child were treated in Boston hospitals; sadly, her child died while receiving treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

According to Lindsay’s Facebook bio, the culprit was a former nursing assistant who served at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Mass, and presently working as a labor and delivery registered nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Who Are Lindsay Clancy’s Parents, Paula and Mike Musgrove?

Lindsay resided with her parents, Paula and Mike Musgrove, on Pogmore Drive.

According to the reports from New England Cable News and NBC10 in Boston, Lindsay’s third and youngest child, a 7-month baby, died in late January.

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Lindsay Clancy with her husband Patrick and their oldest children, Cora, five, and Dawson, three.(Source:Dailymail)

Clancy’s parents, Paula and Mike Musgrove, are on Pogmore Drive; her parents were wonderful people.

MSN claims the pro nurse lived around Pond Hill Road Lindsay Marie Musgrove Clancy grew up with neighbors who were disheartened after the event.

The information in the different media reveals the nurse attending “a very intensive five-day-a-week program for (postpartum depression) trying for help. Furthermore, she took leave as a labor and delivery nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital to attend the event.

Lindsay Clancy’s Arraignment Video And Medications

During the investigation, authorities found Lindsay had hired a Psychiatrist to monitor postpartum Lindsay claimed she was ‘flat as a board’ and ‘dulled’ by drugs and depression.

The 32-year-old nurse had been battling postpartum depression, given a great list of 13 different drugs over eight months, which her attorneys say are to blame for her psychosis. 

As per authorities, Linday and her 7-month-old boy were initially treated in Boston hospitals. Since the boy was flown to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment but died, authorities said.

Sources claim that Neighbours, during an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media Group Friday, claimed to be aware of the incident with Lindsay.

In an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media Group Friday, her three neighbors revealed were all aware of what happened with Lindsay.

As per Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office authorities, the 8-month-old died at 11:18 am at Boston Children’s Hospital and was identified as Callan Clancy.

 Lindsay Clancy Parents
Duxbury Police work at the scene where two children were found dead and an infant injured Jan. 25, 2023, in Duxbury, Mass. (Source

According to The New York Post articles, her friend claimed the attempted murder-suicide occurred before this incident while Lindsay’s husband was picking up takeout.

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What Happened To Lindsay Clancy’s Children?

Based on the Police reports available in the media, Lindsay jumped off a window in an apparent suicide attempt after killings her children but failed.

Following the incident, the nurse was admitted after being taken into custody. She is speculated to face charges concerning the demise of her daughter, Cora Clancy and son, Dawson Clancy and the baby.

According to the Boston Globe, in July 2022, the nurse posted on Facebook about her past struggles with postpartum anxiety.

Globe revealed six weeks after her third child’s birth, Lindsay uploaded that concentrating on mindset, nutrition, and exercise had “made all the difference,” she said, adding that she felt “dialed in.”

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