Lyndsay Keith

The American journalist Lindsay Keith shares about her departure from Newsmax. Where is Lindsay Keith going, and what happened to her? Let’s check below!

In American journalism, the name Lindsay Keith is no more strange. However, if you don’t know who she is, Lindsay is an American journalist and television personality.

Besides, she is a talented and experienced news presenter so far, and she attracts an audience of millions of people to watch her shows. 

People like how she presents news; she stands strongly and speaks up for the truth. Likewise, the journalist has never been afraid to address issues such as abortion and same-sex marriages, topics. 

Like other media personalities, she was interested in growing in the media vocation from a young age. So she started her career in 2005 to 2007 when she volunteered at the Comprehensive Language Training Center of Sichuan University. 

Where Is Lindsay Keith Going After Leaving Newsmax?

Newsmax’s Spicer & Co co-host Lindsay Keith is leaving the station after serving for three years. She recently announced this on a recent episode of the show.

With the departure news, Lindsay’s fans and well-wishers were sad, and many were concerned about her next step. However, the former Newsmax journalist has not shared anything about her next move at the time of this post.

Lyndsay Keith
Lyndsay Keith on a set with her guest, Franklin Graham and his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

While revealing the departure news, Keith said she would update the public about her next journey. She also requested everyone to follow her on social media and explore her website to learn about her future updates.

Currently, we can’t say where she is going and if she is leaving this field. We can find her on Instagram under the username @lyndsaymkeith, with over 11k followers.

From her social media handles, she will surely give more updates soon as her well-wishers are concerned about it.

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What Happened To Lindsay Keith?

Lindsay Keith made headlines online after revealing that she is leaving Newsmax after working there for three years. She recently shared the news via the show and even shared a statement on her social media pages.

She thanked everyone on the station, and while talking about her experience and departure, Lyndsay even became emotional.

Lyndsay Keith
Lyndsay Keith enjoying her vacation. (Source: Instagram)

In the same way, Keith has made a short video and shared it on IG showcasing her last day at the station and being the co-host. In the video, we can see every step of her being ready to present.

With the announcement, people may have thought she may have health issues that forced her to leave the station. However, there is no fact about it, as Keith is doing well in her personal life. Now, she may spend some time with her family and will give more updates soon.

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Is Lindsay Keith From Newsmax Married?

Yes, Lindsay Keith is reported to be a married lady. However, there is very little info about her love life, so her husband’s name remains unknown.

Lyndsay Keith
Lyndsay Keith with Sean Spicer. (Source: Instagram)

She shows her daily lifestyle on her social media pages, but she has not made a single post about her love life yet. So, this makes it clear that Lyndsay is a private person and rather than exposing her personal life, she prefers to keep them confidential.

Likewise, we are unknown whether she has kids with her partner. Recently, she left Newsmax and even thanked her family, who has supported her since the beginning of her career.

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