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Lisa Curry health update shocked internet users as she opened up about her atrial fibrillation diagnosis, which has led her to frequent health checkups and medical supervision.

Likewise, she is a former competition swimmer who has achieved seven gold, two silver, and one bronze Commonwealth Games awards for her expertise. She belongs to Australia.

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Besides that, Lisa is an Australian swimmer to have held Commonwealth and Australian achievements in every stroke besides backstroke leading her name to reach heights for her jaw-dropping talent.

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Lisa Curry Health Update: Diagnosed With Heart Disease

Australian swimming superstar Lisa Curry has publically exposed her health-related updates, which have led her to two hospital stays this year for medical attention.

Lisa Curry reveals shock health battle live on-air: 'Just appeared'
Lisa Curry reveals shock health battle live on-air: ‘Just appeared’ (Source- The Courier Mail)

As she has been diagnosed with a heart disease named atrial fibrillation, a condition pushing an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate, her health condition looks critical.

Since her health degradation can lead her to trouble, the doctors have suggested she not consume coffee and alcohol, which has been hard for her to quit. 

As Lisa has gained mass attention for her abilities as a swimmer, her fan base is worried about her health after she disclosed her health issue.

She is 61 years old, and her body needs proper attention after being attacked by such a chronic disease due to gradual aging. 

Lisa Curry Affected With Atrial Fibrillation, Is She In Hospital?

Lisa Curry has been affected by a heart condition named Atrial Fibrillation which has pushed her to hospital stay two times this year with prompt medical attention.

Even though she is currently not on the hospital premises, she is under the doctor’s advice about her health issue. A few hours ago, she shared her moment on Interview with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur, where she shared her well-being.

During that time, she shared with the hosts, “I have got a little bit of … I don’t know where I got that from; it’s just appeared.”

She mentioned her diagnosis tracked a hectic period when she had major incidents in her own life. Lisa is on Instagram, where she said her heart problem followed her trip.

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Lisa Curry breaks down over ***** of daughter Jaimi Kenny in heartbreaking Sunrise interview
Lisa Curry breaks down over the ***** of daughter Jaimi Kenny in a heartbreaking Sunrise interview (Source- Seven News)

Lisa Curry Family; Know About Them

Lisa Curry is the mother of three children, Jaimi Lee, Morgan, and Jett, whom she shared with her previous husband, Grant Kenny. He was a former ironman surf lifesaver and Olympic bronze medallist in 1986.

After being a parent of three children, they decided to end their marriage on May 2009. After that, she married entertainer Mark Andrew Tabone in May 2018.

Sadly, Curry lost her daughter Jaimi Lee at thirty-three on 14 September 2020. Her cause of ***** is mentioned to be from a long illness. After her demise, Lisa has stood up for mental health issues publically.

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