Liton Kumar Das Religion

The talented cricket player Liton Kumar Das is Hindu. The Bangladeshi Hindu cricketer faced backlash for his religious beliefs and was even asked to convert to Islam.

The Bangladeshi cricketer Litton Das is a test wicketkeeper and a right-handed opening batter. In June 2015, he made his debut for Bangladesh on the world stage.

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In one-day international cricket, Das recorded Bangladesh’s highest individual score (176). Liton Kumar is also the team’s deputy captain in Test matches.

With his athletic prowess, the cricketer has garnered considerable fame and fortune in the sports world.

As a result, many of his fans want to know about his personal life, including his religion, family, and marital life.

Today’s article is about the athlete’s religion and the criticism and backlash for sharing a religious post on his social media.

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Liton Kumar Das Religion: Abused For Being An Adherent Of The Hindu Faith

The talented cricket player Liton Kumar Das is Hindu.

Liton Das, a Bangladeshi Hindu cricketer, was slurred because of his religion and shamed for posting Durga Pooja photographs and greetings on social media.

According to The Daily Star, he shared a picture of Durga Maa on his Facebook on Durga Puja this year. But instantly attracted backlash and even asked him to convert to Islam.

Several users asked him to take down the picture, stating that idolatry is forbidden in Islam and that most people in Bangladesh are Muslims. There were many more offensive postings.

Liton Kumar Das Religion
Liton Kumar Das was criticized for posting a picture of Durga Mata on his Facebook. (Image Source: Facebook)

A Facebook user directly told the athlete not to post such religious things. Similarly, another asked him to remove the post.

The hate comments got so bad that the Bangladeshi cricketer was compelled to take down the post due to ongoing criticism.

After deleting the post, he expressed how disheartened he was due to the hate remarks. Liton said that his first identity is Bangladeshi, and religion cannot divide him from his country and people.

With his status updated, Das continued to face similar backlash. One social media user wrote that the athlete hurt the Muslims by posting a photo of Durga on his social media feet. So they requested to think of himself as a Bangladeshi, not a Hindu.

While his new status also continued to get criticism, his fans stood by his side and raised their voice against the hospitality.

Liton Kumar Das Family Ethnicity

Liton Kumar Das was born in Dinajpur, Bangladesh, on 16 February 1994. He was welcomed by his Father, Bacchu Chandra Das, and his mother, Anita Das.

As for his siblings, the right-handed opening batter grew up with his two brothers. Moreover, he comes from a traditional Bengali Hindu family and is of Asian ethnicity.

In addition to supportive parents and siblings, Das also has a lovely wife. Liton Kumar Das exchanged his wedding vow with his long-time girlfriend, Devashri Biswas Sonchita, in September 2019.

Liton Kumar Das’ wife is reportedly an agriculturist in Mirpur, Bangladesh. The pair dated for a long time after meeting during their college time.

Liton Das Wife
Liton Das with his wife, Devashri Biswas Sonchita, with whom he got married in 2019. (Image Source: Instagram)

The married duo is yet to welcome kids together. We may hopefully expect some good news to arrive soon in their life.

Liton Kumar Das Net Worth

Liton Kumar Das has been playing professionally since 2012. During his decade-long career, he must have garnered considerable fortune.

The wicketkeeper’s net worth has not been made public. However, we can assume that he is rewarded handsomely for playing on the national team.

As reported by Sports Unfold, Liton Das’ salary in season 2021-2022 is $28,000.

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