Liz Kershaw Weight Loss

Liz Kershaw weight loss: renowned English radio broadcaster said she lost three stone (around 40 lbs/ 19 kgs) without dieting or setting foot inside a gym.

The national radio DJ shocked the public with her jaw-dropping body transformation. While showcasing her perfect figure, Kershaw claims that anyone can do it with the proper motivation.

Following her shocking body transformation, people are eager to learn how she achieved the perfect figure. Here are all the details related to Liz Kershaw’s weight loss, diet and workout plans.

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Liz Kershaw Weight Loss Before And After

Prominent media personality Liz Kershaw has shed three stones. Her weight loss has grabbed the attention of many people. Here are details about the weight loss journey.

In May 2018, Liz and her friend went swimming. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, the media personality said she wore a one-piece she bought for her birthday because her swimsuit didn’t fit last year.

Liz Kershaw Weight Loss
Liz Kershaw before and after losing three stones. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

Her friend took a snap and handed her phone to her. Liz said she was horrified at what she saw. She said the photo became a wake-up call.

“Bikinis was no longer an option due to my burgeoning belly, so my torso was trussed up in a tight Lycra one-piece,” she stated.

She added her thunder thighs, chubby cheeks, flabby arms, and a developing crease in my double chin, all exposed in the bright French sunshine.

The broadcaster realized she had actually disfigured her body with food. “Nobody else was to blame. I’d simply consumed more calories than I’d burned. My body used less food as I aged and slowed down. But I hadn’t changed my diet.”

Kershaw’s weight had been creeping up her slowly since she turned 50. But she didn’t bother much. But in 2018, she determined to change her look.

By 30 July 2018, Liz had ditched 18lb. By August 2019, she slowly but surely shed 35 lbs. By January 2020, the radio broadcaster lost three stone.

Liz Kershaw Diet And Workout Plan

During her weight loss journey, Liz Kershaw changed her attitude to food. She said food is fuel.

“I wouldn’t ruin my car by putting anything oily in the tank. If it is already full, I won’t bother filling it again. I wouldn’t keep fuel cans in the boot, rear seat, or roof and cart them about with me. So I’m not doing it to my body now if I want to keep it running smoothly,” said the BBC official.

Liz Kershaw Weight Loss
Liz Kershaw said food is fuel. (Image Source: Twitter)

While explaining how much she loves eating and cooking, Liz said this doesn’t mean she is a miserable food evangelist. She explained she won’t eat anything that won’t benefit to body or mind.

The radio broadcaster follows a low-carb lifestyle and eats more protein, such as chicken, steak, salmon, lamb, cod, prawns, eggs, cheese and many vegetables.

Spinach, Broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, and mushrooms are the vegetables she eats.

As for her workout plan, she enjoys swimming. The prominent radio personality disclosed she also walks a lot and very fast. But she doesn’t run. “That simply pummels and destroys your joints,” said Liz to The Telegraph.

“I am frequently asked which book I purchased or which diet I followed. But I made it up based on what we learned in school biology classes on food types and nutrition,” stated Kershaw.

If you think that following above mentioned diet will be expensive, then you’re mistaken. The Lancashire native asked to check the receipt while filling the trolley supermarket because there would be no VAT on real food.

The 65-year-old added, The Treasury is aware of our needs. They don’t tax real food. I did it. You can, too.”

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