Is Louis Cato Sick? Where Is The Bandleader? Health And Illness update

As a bandleader of The Late Show band, Louis Cato’s absence didn’t go unnoticed. Addressing the overwhelming concern, the musician shared his whereabouts and covered a song by Jackson, “I’ll Be There.”

If you are a fan of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you must recognize Louis Cato. He is the bandleader of the House band of the show, The Late Show Band.

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The multi-instrumentalist can play various musical instruments, including guitar, percussion, bass, low brass, and many others.

The musician is also a skilled singer and songwriter. He has appeared on the show since mid-2022. As an integral part of The Late Show band, Louis Cato’s absence didn’t go unnoticed.

The Portugal-born musician’s fans want to know his whereabouts and why he was absent from his usual spot on the popular CBS show. Let’s find it more about the matter.

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Is Louis Cato Sick? Where Is The Bandleader? Health And Illness Update

Earlier this week, on 8 November’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, fans were asking about Louis Cato as he was not in his usual spot.

One of the fans tweeted, “#Colbert where is Louis Cato, and why is the drummer upfront??” Another person simply questioned where Louis Cato was.

After his fans’ overwhelming curiosity and concern, Cato took to Instagram on 8 November 2022 and shared a note about his whereabouts.

In the post, the multi-talented musician wrote, “Happy Monday, you all. As it were, coming from an incredible weekend of high vibes and (I daresay) iconic collaborations.”

He added, “apparently, it was time for my yearly coronavirus “sit yo self down” time. It feels like a cruddy cold, but I’m ok. Grateful for friends and collaborators.”

Louis Cato sick
Louis Cato will soon return to the talk show. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

So, we can assume that the reason behind The Late Show Bandleader’s absence from his usual spot was due to illness. It looks like the musician is recovering and will soon come back on the show.

Acknowledging how much his fans missed him, he presented musical goodness and covered the song by Jackson, “I’ll Be There.”

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Louis Cato Career Details

Louis Cato began his musical journey when he was a little kid, as his mother was a church organist. The Jazz and R&B singer attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, only for two semesters and dropped out in 2004.

Louis Cato
Louis Cato is The Late Show Band’s bandleader. (Source: latestnews)

He crossed paths with a talented American musician and record producer, Marcus Miller, at a jam session at the North sea Jazz festival. Eventually, the music enthusiasts toured for several years together.

At the inception of Colbert’s Late Show in 2015, Louis joined the band Stay Human (the previous name of The Late Show Band). In addition, he used to serve as an interim bandleader whenever the original Leader, Jon Batiste, was unable to show up.

The previous bandleader took a break from the talk show in the Summer of 2022. However, in August of the same year, it was announced that Batiste would not return, and Cato became the new band Leader of the House band.

Louis Cato Family

Louis Cato was born in Portugal but raised in Albemarle, North Carolina. While his mother was a church organist, there are no details regarding his dad.

The musician’s parents must have been supportive of his career. On top of that, they must be proud of his achievements.

To talk about his marital life, Louis Cato happily married and led a beautiful family of four, including two kids. The identity of his wife and kids has not been made public. Nonetheless, the Cato family must enjoy a wonderful life away from the media scrutiny.

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