Lucas Moura

Lucas Moura Bald hair often creates multiple questions among his fans. Here’s the story of how Moura lost his hair.

Lucas Moura is a professional footballer from Brazil playing as a winger or forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. His professional career began with São Paulo in 2010.

After playing with them until 2012, Moura moved to play with Paris Saint-German. He made 153 appearances and scored 34 goals for the team.

Since 2018, Moura has been part of the Tottenham team. In the same way, Moura has represented his nation in many games and helped them to win some titles too.

Furthermore, the professional footballer often gets into the spotlight and gets asked questions about his baldness.

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Is Lucas Moura Bald Now: What Happened to His Hair?

Yes, Lucas Moura is bald, and he often gets asked questions about his baldness. Also, the footballer has not hesitated to talk about it with the media as it has been the fans’ concern.

Moura began experiencing hair loss at a young age, and it is said that Moura is in the grip of Male Pattern Baldness, a genetic condition that can be transferred from either side of the family tree.

Furthermore, Moura was asked about his hair on Brazil’s ESPN sports news channel. During that time, Mora admitted family genes may have played a part.

Lucas Moura Bald
Lucas Moura has been open about his baldness and has said multiple facts have caused him to lose his hair. ( Source: Instagram )

He said his Father, brother, and everyone are bald. Not only that, but he said coming to play in Europe has also played a major part in his hair loss due to stress. The footballer says there is a lot of stress in this place.

Moura says both physical and emotional stress can contribute to hair loss. With that, a hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak also agrees the pressure of coping with playing in Europe could have accelerated Lucas’ baldness. 

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Lucas Moura Health Update 2023

With the topic of his baldness, people are eager to know about Lucas Moura’s health update. We can be clear that he is completely fine, but the footballer has faced some injuries.

While in his current team, Moura has struggled throughout an injury-hit Campaign. In many games, Moura missed the majority of the first half of the season with a tendon injury.

Lucas recently confirmed he will leave the club at the end of this season. Furthermore, the footballer can depart when his contract expires in June.

Lucas Moura Leaving
Lucas Moura broke down in tears after leaving Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from his injuries, Moura has talked about mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, he was stuck in England, away from his home and family. At that time, he said everyone should be open about mental health awareness.

Likewise, he was speaking before the Mind Series of pre-season matches involving Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal. The series was intended to raise funds for Mind, the mental health charity, and the respective clubs’ foundations.

Also, Lucas said social media abuse should be stopped as it can cause mental health issues. Apart from that, the footballer has not faced any serious health problems in his life, but he always shares his details with his fans. 

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