Lucy Letby

Lucy Letby Mental Health has been searched heavily on the internet following her trial as she was accused of multiple murders. Keep reading to find out her health update.

Lucy Letby is a registered nurse originally from Hereford who was based in Chester. From 2011 to 2016, she worked in the neonatal unit at Countess of Chester Hospital.

Further, Letby later moved to clerical duties from 2016 to 2018. Likewise, Lucy has worked at the hospital since 2011. She graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Chester in early 2011.

Likewise, Lucy served on the unit during her three years of training as a student nurse. Moreover, Letby worked in the neonatal unit when the high infant mortality rates happened from 2015 to 2016.

Lucy Letby Mental Health Update 2023

Due to Lucy Letby’s cruel activities, her mental health was among people’s minds. Recently, Letby took a stand for allegedly killing seven infants and trying to kill ten others.

She was emotional, recalling being arrested three times before being charged in 2020. Lucy described the arrests as traumatizing. In July 2018, Letby said it was the scariest thing she had gone through.

Lucy Letby Mental Health
Lucy Letby described the arrests as traumatizing, and she suffers from mental illness. (Source: Sky News)

Likewise, Letby revealed that she has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety and requires sleeping medication. She also told the court that she was easily startled and frightened of new things.

Reportedly, she was also prescribed anti-depressants by her GP as she felt very isolated, and her mental health worsened. 

Furthermore, Lucy may still be battling her mental health problems, and there are no recent updates about it.

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Is Lucy Letby Psychopath? Reddit Update

Many have claimed that Lucy Letby was a Sadistic Psychopath. People on Reddit have also created multiple threads about Letby’s health issues and have discussed her mental illness.

A person wrote, “Sadistic people are people you walk past in the street; it’s an internal fantasy of theirs, which you don’t see on the outside. Until they get caught doing extreme crimes like this.”

lucy letby trail
Lucy Letby broke down in tears during her testimony while talking about the past incidents. (Source: Twitter)

All of these comments were received due to Lucy’s actions as she killed seven infants and tried to kill ten others. Also, her statements during the trial have raised multiple questions.

Letby also denied harming the kids in her care, saying she was devastated by the allegations against her. She even couldn’t believe the moment when she was suspended from neonatal care following a series of unexplained infant deaths.

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Killer Nurse Lucy Letby Trail Update

Lucy Letby is on trial for killing seven infants, which started on October 10, 2022, at Manchester Crown Court. The families of the alleged victims and the killer’s parents also attended the trial.

Letby’s trial dragged the eyes of many people, and it was hyped more in May 2023 when she herself gave evidence to the court. Lucy claimed she was innocent but meant no harm.

Lucy Nurse
Lucy Letby is on trial for killing seven infants and trying to kill others, and the trial began on October 10, 2022. (Source: Twitter)

For your information, Lucy had written a note that reads, “I am evil, I did this.” She was asked about it and also described the incident. During her testimony, Lucy also broke down in tears.

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