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Luise F was a 12-year-old student from Freudenberg who was found dead. The reports say the teen was the victim of a crime. 

Luise F, aged 12, is the current news headline as the girl went missing on the way to her home on Saturday afternoon. The source reports that she was last seen alive on a Saturday afternoon. 

Further, Luise F was a teenager, a fun-loving and cheerful-natured girl who trusted her friends and then became the victim of dreadful death. 

As per the reports, her two other friends, same-age girls, stabbed her. That seems scary and unacceptable to address the incident, as this news has shocked people. 

After hearing the news, many social media users claimed that the girl must have committed suicide. Still, the police authorities said there was no evidence that Luise committed suicide. Instead, it was a murder. 

Luise F Tiktok: 12 Years Old Missing Girl 

Multiple videos have been shared on TikTok about Luise F’s death. Many TiktTok users are making videos on the latest incident and are paying tribute to the teen and her family through social media handles. 

The 12-year-old girl went missing on Saturday afternoon on the way to her home in Kleintirolstrasse in Hohenhain. The missing case was suspicious at the beginning, and it shocked the people later after further investigation was carried out. 

luise f
TikTok users are explaining the Luise f death case on TIkTok. (Source: TikTok)

We can see many tiktok users talking about the incidents, and the video is getting viral on the platform. Also, people worldwide are explaining the case on TikTok, and the incident has grabbed substantial public attention. 

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Luise F Stabbed To Death By Her Friend

Luise F was stabbed to death by her friends. Two girls have been arrested after their first testimony refused the testimony of other witnesses on several points. 

Similarly, Luise was found next to a bicycle path on Sunday. According to her parents, she was going to her friend’s house. 

Initially, who stabbed Luise F was unknown, as the officials refused to give information about the suspects. When police arrived at the scene, they didn’t find the killing weapons. 

luise f
Social media users are paying tribute to Luise F. (Source: Twitter)

Following the deadly case, the police, a sniffer dog, and a helicopter equipped with a thermal camera were deployed to find the girl. 

During the second interrogation, in the presence of a psychologist and their parents, the authorities encountered the girls with rejections, who accepted their actions at the end of the interrogation.

Luise F didn’t deserve the death as police authorities also said they had no words to say about the case. 

Is Luise F Killing Suspect Arrested?

When Luise F was walking home from her best friend’s place, she was stabbed to death by two of her close friends, aged 12 and 13. The killing suspects names have not been revealed yet, but their ages have already been shared with the tabloids.

Not only that, but the officials have also refused to give more details on their identity, gender, and motive. It is also unknown whether the victim and the suspects knew each other.

Two teenage girls have been arrested in the Luise F murder case. (Source: News Today)

At the time of this post, the killing suspect was not arrested but taken into the custody of a youth welfare office.

Residents in the small town were in shock, and flags were flying at half-mast. As the stabbing case is being investigated, more updates about the suspect may be updated.

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