Maciej Skupinski wikipedia

Maciej Skupiński, the first muay thai Polish boxing champion, died on Monday, 3rd July 2023. Fans are eagerly waiting for Maciej Skupiński wikipedia profile. 

Maciej Skupiński was a well-known boxer from Poland who was famous for being the first Muay Thai Polish boxing champion. 

Furthermore, he was an experienced player and the coach of the SERAFIN Warszawa club. Likewise, Maciej was a trainer at the oldest MuayThai club in Poland, KS Serafin Warszawa.

As a trainer and competitor, he has succeeded in the Polish and world muay thai scenes.

Moreover, Skupiński became media prominence after becoming the IFMA world champion at the competition in Kazakhstan in 2003.

The world is mourning the death of Maciej, who has been reported to be dead recently.

Is Maciej Skupiński Available on Wikipedia?

Maciej Skupinski’s Wikipedia profile is not available up until now. But he was a well-known boxing champion who was active in the scene for a long time. Also, he worked as a coach and trained the Polish team.

Regarding his educational background, Maciej went to the Pedagogical University of the Society of Universal Knowledge. During that time, he specialized in physical education.

Moreover, he practiced Thai boxing from the age of 19 and started his adventure with the sport with acrobatic gymnastics and karate.

In addition to that, he also practiced Kyokushin Karate and Burmese boxing.

Maciej Skupiński Wikipedia
Maciej Skupiński was not only a boxer but also a coach and trained the Polish team. (Source: Instagram)

For three years, Skupinski worked in the Polish Burmese Boxing Association Lethwei.

After becoming the IFMA world muay thai champion in 2003, he also achieved a gold medal at the national championships a year later.

Likewise, Maciej coached the junior and senior teams of the White and Reds.

Skupinski could also boast of the third place won during the Polish Karate Kyokushin Championships in his sports achievements.

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Maciej Skupinski Weik (Age): How Old Was He?

Maciej Skupinski’s weik (age) remains unknown as the boxing champion’s birth details have yet to be shared with the media.

Furthermore, Maciej was private and always maintained high privacy in his life.

Due to his private nature, the details regarding his family background also remain unclear. However, it can be said that all of his family members are mourning the loss.

Maciej Skupinski Weik
Maciej Skupinski was interested in boxing from a very early age. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Skupinski was interested in boxing from a young age and always aimed to pursue a career in this field. 

In addition to that, Maciej had an Instagram account where he was registered under the username @maciej_skupinski_lethwei.

The late boxer had updated his professional life and events from his account.

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Maciej Skupiński Death Cause And Obituary

Maciej Skupinski’s death cause has not been confirmed, but his death news is trending online. Likewise, his obituary has already been shared by various platforms.

Despite that, none of them have given the information about Maciej’s death cause. Furthermore, his tragic demise has left everyone shocked.

Maciej Skupiński wikipedia
Maciej Skupiński passed away suddenly, and tributes for the late boxer are pouring on social media. (Source: Twitter)

Tributes and condolence messages for the Skupinski family are pouring on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

A person who loved Maciej wrote on Twitter, “Rest in Peace Maciej “Clavius” Skupiński, 1st Polish Muay Thai World Champion and Lethwei pioneer in Poland who also fought for KOTS.”

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