Madeleine White

Madeleine White is getting public attention after she shared TikTok cutting a $2,100 Prada jumpsuit for a Milan Fashion Week look. The model goes viral on TikTok and other online platforms. 

Madeleine White is a Fashion model who is best known for her comedic and personable quotes next to her stylish photos. 

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White is popular on multiple online platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. The model also owns a YouTube channel where she posts her outfit videos. 

Further, she has also worked as a runway model. White is famous for her Tiktok video, where she shares interesting content. 

White undoubtedly has excellent fashion tastes, and fans often see her video for her unique looks and the ideas she shares about her fashion taste. 

This time the model gained media attention for her TikTok video, which she shared during a “Get-Ready w/me” video for Milan Fashion Week. That wasn’t her casual GRWM video. It created a controversy as she cut the Prada new jumpsuit to create a look.

Madeleine White Twitter Scandal And Controversy

Madeleine White often amazes people with her great looks and her fashion tastes. So, White has been the topic of concern since a few days after she shared one of her GRWM videos on her Tiktok account. 

White undoubtedly has a great sense of fashion and often experiments with her looks. This time she came up with a new idea of making a new look with her brand new Prada Juimsuit, which cost thousands of dollars. 

Madeleine is all over on TikTok and Twitter as fans are shocked to see her running a brand new Prada suit, whereas some fans also appreciate her look. 

Madeleine White
Madeleine White flaunts her dress on the Milan Fashion Week. (Source: Instagram)

White effortlessly carries her outfits, and fans love her confidence, so she cut a jumpsuit and made a skirt top and legwarmer. 

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The picture went viral on social media handles, and she looked fabulous on Fashion week. Some of her pictures are haw dropping where she is flaunting her self-made dress and toned figure. 

Madeleine White- Model Goes Viral On Tiktok

Madeleine White made a dress from Prada’s new jumpsuit that caught many fans’ attention worldwide. Many people questioned her on the other side; many praised her look.

Madeleine shared the video on TikTok and YouTube shorts, which has amassed millions of views. According to the sources, the jumpsuit costs $2,100. 

White posted dome glimpses of her outfit on her social media handle, and as of Sunday, the TikTok video has gained over 3 million views.

Madeleine White TikTok
Madeleine White shares a video on TikTok that went viral. (Source: Twitter )

Madeleine described the jumpsuit as “chic” and “utilitarian.” then she began showing off her scissors, saying, “I think we need to make it a little more me.” 

Many fans commented if it was a sponsored video, where she replied she paid for the jumpsuit herself, and it wasn’t sent to her from Prada. 

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Madeleine White Earnings From TikTok – Net Worth

Madeleine White has preserved a decent amount of money from her modeling career. She has worked with many big brands as one of the most prominent models.

Madeleine White
Madeleine White while on her trip to Italy. (Source: Instagram)

White promotes many big brands on her social media pages, which surely pays her well. Also, we can find her active presence on TikTok, and from making a single sponsored post, Madeleine will surely take home impressive cash.

Considering all the facts, online sources have reported Madeleine White’s net worth to be in the six figures. 

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