Magda Szubanski

Magda Szubanski Health is what most people are serious about, and they want to know about her health update.

Magda is an Australian comedy actress, singer, author, LGBT rights advocate, and the most recognized television person in Australia.

She is best known for Fast Foward, Kath & Kim, Babe, Happy Feet, and Happy Feet Two.

Magda Szubanski Health Update

The actress Magda has shared about her poor state of health, revealing that she has battled several illnesses in her all life, as stated by dailymail.

Szubanski has struggled with intergenerational trauma, anxiety, and suicidal attempt in her teenage. Not only those, but she has also had osteoarthritis, migraines, and sleep apnoea too.

Magda Szubanski health
Magda Szubanski health has always been serious
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According to Dailymail, she wants to share the importance of healthy lives and the health issues she struggled with her weight.

A health center where she was hospitalized encouraged her to reflect on the public health issue, and she opened up about her several illnesses.

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However, it seems that she is fine now and is in good health though the illness has always surrounded her.

Magda Szubanski Weight Loss Before And After

Magda started gaining weight at the age of 11, her Father, too, was a fat kid, and his mother was overweight, but her Father lost the weight, as reported by mixedarticle.

She was always yelled at in the street for his body, and on a flight, when she asked the flight attendant for some food, she replied with, “really, are you sure?” as stated by ABC.

The actress has faced a lot in her journey to weight loss, and her Father advised her to starve herself to lose weight.

The Comedian started to lose weight in 2011 when she was signed as a weight loss ambassador for Jenny Craig and lost 36  kilograms, dropping to 85 kg from 121kg.

Magda Szubanski-
Magda Szubanski before and after weight loss
Source: dailymail

As she suffers from amnesia, she cannot maintain her weight as she forgets how much she has eaten.

Even sometimes, doctors would say some harsh words about her body weight, and after asking for suggestions to lose weight, they would reply, “Eat less, exercise more.”

According to the who, she does not smoke and does not drink, but her nutrition is not good, and she exercises more than people think.

However, the cast of Babe encourages viewers to have healthy habits, and it’s never early to take care of themselves.

Szubanski met Jenny for the second time in 2014 and lost 40 kg, which she regained in the following years.

Magda Szubanski Career

Magda Szubanski was born on 12 April 1961 to her Father, Zbigniew Szubanski, and her mother, Margaret, from a low-income family.

Magda was a writer and performer of sketch comedy and performed in Melbourne University Revue “Too Cool for Sandals,” with Michael Veitch and Tom Gleisner, from the source IMDB.

Szubanski is also the creator and performer of the Fat Forward television sketch and has played various characters in many other movies.

Magda Szubanski-
Magda Szubanski as child book author
Source: couriermail

The actress performed as Esme Hoggett in the 1995 film Babe and acted again in Babe: Pig in the city in 1998 and 2007; she had a minor role in The Golden Compass.

In the same year, she entered into musical comedy in the Melbourne Theatre Company production and, again in 2008, participated in some gender-blind casting.

In the year 2010, she appeared in the first Indigenous musical film. Later she teamed with Rush to appear in Stephen Sondheim’s musical.

The actress was also an LGBT rights vocalist, married for the same-sex survey, and donated $190,000 to the bushfire-affected communities.

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The writer has been announced as the host of the Nine Network’s revival of The Weakest Link in 2021 and is initially on a tight schedule.

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