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The Klan star Magdalena Stam was one of the fan-favorite artists from 2009 to 2017. Here is Magdalena Stam Wikipedia, including the details about her career and personal life.

Madalena Stam-Simmons, shortly Magdalena Stam, is an actress. The Polish star is known for her roles in the television series Fola Zbrodni, Klan, Komisarz Alex, and Pierwsza Milosc.

Magdalena starred as Zyta Tyczynska in the television series Klan. The skilled performer began her career in 2008. From the late 2000s, Stam became one of the most liked stars of the Klan.

The gorgeous lady enjoyed a successful career, a lovely husband, and a supportive family. However, one incident changed everything.

Since then, the performer has not appeared on screen. The Klan star’s fans still wonder if she will ever return and continue her acting career.

Let’s start the article with Magdalena Stam Wikipedia.

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Magdalena Stam Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Magdalena Stam was born around 1983 in Kościan, Poland. Thus, as of 2023, the talented performer is 41 years old.

She began her acting career with the 2008 movie Fala zbrodni. Stam won millions of people’s hearts with charm and skillful performances.

Magdalena Stam wikipedia
Magdalena Stam Wikipedia. (Image Source: Pompnik)

She starred in several series before landing one of the most notable works in the drama Klan. The drama focused on the story of the Lubicz family.

The elderly couple Maria and Wladyslaw have five grown children who are also parents. They all strive to live their best while juggling good and bad days and everyday challenges.

Magdalena starred as Zyta Tyczynska in the hit drama and appeared in 38 episodes before leaving the show in 2017.

Since then, the beautiful actress has not starred in any movies or series.

Meet Magdalena Stam Husband, Jason Simmons

The Klan star Magdalena Stam is happily married to Jason Simmons.

The Stam-Simmons pair tied the knot in 2014 in Magdalena’s hometown. The performer was 31 when she exchanged her marriage vow with Mr. Simmons.

The lovely duo went on a long journey across the ocean for the honeymoon.

But, the actress returned from the romantic trip alone. Later it was revealed that her husband got an excellent job offer in California.

Stam and Jason Simmons is reportedly an engineer from Canada who worked in China and the United States.

The married duo lived as a long-distance married couple.

However, Stam never missed the opportunity to travel to California to meet her beau. She lived in a suitcase and divided her time between Poland and the U.S.

In 2017, Stam revealed she was pregnant and decided to leave the TV show Klan. Soon after, she joined her spouse in California and waited for the arrival of their first baby.

Magdalena Stam Family- Lost A Child

Magdalena Stam’s child was born a few weeks before the due date. Unfortunately, her baby boy couldn’t survive more than five days. The Polish artist was not able to enjoy motherhood.

Magdalena Stam wikipedia
The Polish Actress Magdalena Stam In An Award Function (Image Source: Swiat Seriali-Interia)

The devastated actress informed her fans about the tragic incident through a Facebook post in February 2018.

The death of her newborn child broke Stam-Simmons. She spends several months recovering from the ordeal as she completely shuts down herself.

At the time, her husband, Jason, stood by her side and ensured she didn’t lack anything. The couple traveled to different places, met several friends and tried to move on.

In March 2019, the actress reportedly attended the film’s premiere, “Ciemne, prawie noc.”

The star occasionally visits her homeland. However, it looks like she found a home in the U.S. and hasn’t revealed any plans to resume her acting career.

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