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Magnus Billing wikipedia has been one of the trending topics on the internet. Keep reading to know more about Alecta’s former CEO.

Magnus Billing is a Swedish businessman who gained widespread recognition as the CEO of Sweden’s most prominent pensions institution, Alecta. Since April 18, 2016, he has been serving in the company.

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However, Billing has recently been fired from his position as chief executive officer. His role was dismissed as the pension fund’s board looked to restore trust following casualties related to collapsed U.S. banks.

After that, deputy CEO Katarina Thorslund was appointed acting CEO immediately. Likewise, people search for Billing’s fortune as he has amassed a massive net worth.

Magnus Billing Wikipedia Explored

Magnus Billing is a businessman who most recently worked as the CEO of Alecta. In 2016, he was selected to be a member of the European Commission’s high-level expert group on endurable finance.

Before joining Alecta, Magnus was CEO of Nasdaq Nordics and Head of Fixed Income Nordic and Baltic Markets. Within Nasdaq, Billing previously served as the Chief Legal Counsel and Senior Vice President of Nasdaq Group.

magnus billing wikipedia
Magnus Billing recently served as CEO of Alecta but has been fired. (Source: Responsible Investor)

Likewise, he is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre. Also, he is the Director of the Swedish Insurance Association’s board of directors. 

Similarly, Billing has taken the role of Director of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges, Swedish House of Finance. Due to his multiple works, Billing has gained board experience.

In addition, he was an alternate director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code board of directors. Regarding his educational history, Billing went to Stockholm University in 1990 and earned a Master’s degree in Law (LLM) in 1995.

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Magnus Billing Age: How Old Is CEO Of Alecta? 

Magnus Billing’s actual age remains unknown as there are no birth details. However, Billing is reported to be in his mid-50s. He was born in Sweden. So, Billing holds Swedish nationality.

No details regarding his family members are available online, as Billing has kept every detail confidential. Also, his parents and siblings’ information is unavailable.

magnus billing alecta
Magnus Billing goes viral after getting fired from his role of CEO at Alecta. (Source: Twitter)

According to Evolution, Billing is a married man who lives happily with his beloved wife. But the name of his wife is not available in the public domain. The same report by Evolution claimed that Billing and his wife also have a daughter, but her name, too, remains a mystery.

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Magnus Billing Lön (Salary) and Net Worth Revealed

Magnus Billing Lön (salary) in 2022 was reported to be over SEK 6.7 million. In Alecta’s annual report, it appears that in the event of termination by the company, the CEO acquires a severance pay equal to twelve months’ salary with a notice period of six months.

So, a report shows that Billing receives about SEK 10 million. His actual salary remains unknown, but it is clear that Billing had earned a massive amount of money from his role as CEO of Alecta.

magnus billing net
Magnus Billing earned a huge amount of money from working at Alecta. (Source: Twitter)

With that, his net worth is in the six figures, but the actual amount remains under investigation. No doubt, Billing lives a lavish life with his vast wealth. 

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