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Magoo rapper death has left everyone shocked, as it was confirmed recently. Keep reading this article till the end to find out more info.

Melvin Barcliff, aka Magoo, was a famous rapper from Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. He was famous for being part of a rap duo named Timbaland & Magoo.

Two rappers, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley and Magoo, formed the rap duo in 1989. Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, they first met when they were teenagers. 

Later, they went on to work together and released a debut album named Welcome to Our World. In 2001, they released another album titled Indecent Proposal and Under Construction, Part II in 2003.  

People are mourning the loss of one of the members, Magoo, whose death news was confirmed recently.

Melvin Barcliff Aka Magoo Rapper Death: How Did He Die?

Rapper Magoo death cause has been searched by many people on the internet, but it has not been confirmed yet. However, people are making multiple speculations regarding this matter.

Some online portals have claimed that Magoo’s death came as a result of a heart attack. Despite that, it can’t be said whether he passed away from a heart attack or not.

Magoo Rapper Death
Magoo Rapper death came as a shock to his fans and followers. ( Source: Twitter )

As of now, the verified media sources and the close ones of the rapper have not talked anything about this topic openly. So, more details may get updated soon.

Furthermore, some of his well-wishers are requesting not to make assumptions at this hard time and give the family privacy at this challenging moment.

So, keep coming to Genius Celebs for more updates regarding the rapper’s tragic death.

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Magoo Obituary and Funeral Details

The official obituary of rapper Magoo has not been posted yet, but the news has covered the whole internet. Reportedly, he was 50 years old at the time of his sudden demise.

As soon as the news was shared on social media, fans and followers were shocked, and they started sharing their words with the late rapper, who was loved by many people.

Magoo Obituary
Magoo passed away at the age of 50, and people are paying tribute to the late rapper. ( Source: Twitter )

One of his well-wishers took to Facebook to pay tribute to Magoo and wrote, “RIP Magoo. You and Timbaland made some good music along with the rest of the “Superfriends.” He’s off to join Aaliyah in the Heavens. It’s really sad when the artists you grew up listening to in your childhood are all passing away.”

Apart from that, netizens are eager to know the details about Magoo’s funeral and memorials, but it has not been posted by any of his close ones.

What Happened To Magoo?

Rapper Magoo passed away at the age of 50 on August 13, 2023. The news was confirmed by Digital Black from the group Playa on an Instagram post, leaving everyone devasted.

Following that, people are eager to know how the rapper took his last breath. As stated earlier, the verified outlets have not given any hints regarding this matter.

What Happened To Magoo
Rapper Magoo was famous for being a member of a duo named Timbaland & Magoo. ( Source: Twitter )

As of now, everyone who knew Magoo is mourning the loss, and it can be said that more details will be shared soon. Apart from that, some rumors are circulating that Magoo had DID.

For your information, Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a rare psychiatric disorder diagnosed in about 1.5% of the global population. But it can’t be said whether Magoo had the same condition or not.

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