Politician Mahmood Khan Achakzai

Mahmood Khan Achakzai viral video still makes rounds on the internet. So, if you are here to know about his scandal, continue reading this article.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai is a Pashtun regionalist politician from Pakistan who served as the Chairman of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party. Also, he was a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2018.

Furthermore, Achakzai is one of the notable figures in the Pakistani political scene. Also, he was elected as a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan in the 1993 Pakistani general election from Quetta constituency.

It has been said that Achakzai had won his first election with the support of the Pakistan Muslim League (N). Meanwhile, he lost the National Assembly seat in the 1997 Pakistani general election.

Apart from that, Mahmood often gets into the spotlight for various reasons, and it’s been quite a while since a viral video dragged the politician into the controversy.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai Viral Video Explored

Mahmood Khan Achakzai has been the talk of the town for the past few days as a viral video has been making rounds on social media. Many unauthorized sources on the internet have shared fake videos linking the name of the politician.

Many fake sources on the web have claimed that the Pakistani politician was seen getting involved in an intimate moment, but all the rumors are fake.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai Viral Video
Mahmood Khan Achakzai went viral on social media after a fake video was posted on Twitter. ( Source: The Express Tribune )

It has also been said that the fake news was created just to defame Mahmood’s personality. The gossip of Mahmood’s video started in 2021, and it still makes headlines on multiple social media platforms.

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Mahmood Khan Achakzai Scandal and Controversy Explained

The Mahmood Khan Achakzai scandal has dragged the politician into controversy. In September 2021, a fake video linking the name of Achakzai, which seems to have been done by his haters.

In the fake video, individuals were seen in an explicit moment. After that, many unverified accounts on Twitter have also shared the video. In addition to that, the news has also gone viral on other social media platforms, including Reddit.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai Scandal
The Mahmood Khan Achakzai scandal dragged him into controversy in 2021. ( Source: ARY News )

As stated earlier, many YouTube channels have also made videos about the scandal of Mahmood and have declared that the video is fake.

In the same way, many fans and well-wishers of Mahmood have shown support for him and have asked people not to share the fake video.

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What Has Mahmood Khan Achakzai Said About the Viral Video?

Mahmood Khan Achakzai is surely aware of his viral video, but he has not said anything regarding the matter. So, it becomes clear that Achakzai prefers to ignore the fake rumors.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai Responds
Mahmood Khan Achakzai’s viral video is fake, and there is no truth about it. ( Source: Twitter )

Apart from that, many people have shown support to him and have also defended him. Political & Foreign Affairs Correspondent Abdullah Momand also shared a tweet writing,

“A leaked video circulating in various what’sapp groups linking it with Pukhtoonkhwa Mili Awami Party (PKMAP) head Mahmood Khan Achakzai is totally fake.”

To that tweet, other people also shared their opinion, and one of them wrote, “Now the Khalai makhloq are trying to malign the opponents on fake videos.”

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