Major Adil Raja Wikipedia

Several mainstream media claims that British authorities reportedly took the YouTuber and retired army officer Major Adil Raja under custody. Find out how much the talk is true.

Adil Raja is a well-known YouTube content creator who regularly shares videos about government agencies and political issues. According to reports, he gained notoriety for sharing controversial videos.

There has been significant interest in his personal and professional life after his arrest. Who is Major Adil Raja? Find it out below, including his family, background, arrest, and charges details.

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Major Adil Raja Wikipedia And Age

Major Adil Raja is a retired Pakistan Army. Adil was born around 1948 in Peshawar, Pakistan, to his father, Major (retd.) Umar Farooq Raja and his mother, whose name is yet to be disclosed.

As of 2023, the ex-soldier is 45 years old. Apart from being an ex-Pakistani soldier and YouTuber, Adil Raja is a columnist, political commentator, and security analyst.

Major Adil Raja wikipedia
Major Adil Raja is a retired Pakistani army, columnist, political commentator, and security analyst. (Image Source: Hamari Web)

According to his LinkedIn, the war-wounded veteran has been serving as a permanent representative of Pakistan at IHRF (International Human Rights Foundation) since September 2022.

Before that, Major Raja worked at Defence Housing Authority (DHA) as a contractor from June 2021 to July 2022. He formerly worked as a columnist at the well-known media outlet, The Nation, for nearly two years.

Besides, the Peshawar native is a former spokesperson for the PESS (Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society). From August 2013 to February 2021, Adil was CEO of AJS Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Major Adil Raja resides in the United Kingdom with his wife, Sabine Kiyani.

Major Adil Raja Army Career

Major (retd.) Adil Raja became a commissioned officer of the Pakistan Army in May 1997 (Major). He served in the role for eleven years.

According to Adil Raja, a commissioned officer is basically an armored corps officer with varied experience in active combat, security, protocol, and administration or training assignments.

In July 2008, the University of Peshawar graduate joined the  Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan as a wing commander and civil armed force and worked for a little over two years.

Afterward, he became a security or administrative officer at the Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan, in September 2010 and served for over four years, until January 2015.

Major Adil Raja Arrest And Charge

British officials reportedly arrested Major (retd) Adil Raja in London.

While the specifics of his alleged arrest and charges are yet to be revealed, it has been mentioned that he was detained for running a defamation campaign against Pakistan’s governmental institutions.

Major Adil Raja Wikipedia
Major Adil Raja was reportedly arrested in London. (Image Source: LinkedIn)

According to sources, Raja is the subject of anti-terrorism investigations that have been launched in Pakistan.

The UK authorities reportedly received a number of complaints from the government of Pakistan against Raja. Moreover, the political commentator’s lawyer disclosed that he could not contact him for a few hours after his arrest news broke.

However, several media outlets have also claimed that Adil Raja was not arrested. In contrast, UK authorities approached him for questioning.

Nonetheless, social media has become awash with discussions about legal action against Pakistanis living abroad in response to stories of Adil Raja’s purported arrest.

They also sparked discussion over the fact that Altaf Hussain, the founder of the MQM, and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Following the PTI government’s collapse by a vote of no-confidence in parliament last year, Adil Raja traveled to the UK.

The former soldier, who is a fervent supporter of former PM Imran Khan, has been extremely critical of both the military establishment and the new government, claiming that they are conspiring to depose Imran Khan.

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