Malcolm Scales Obituary - Death Cause

Obituary: “Death is a misery that takes people’s happiness and brings suffering to their beloved ones.” As a matter of fact that Malcolm Scates’ death caused his family a great affliction.

Malcolm Scates was one of the brilliant actors who stunned the world with his acting skills. He also won the hearts of people around the globe because of his fantastic aura.

Mr. Scates was best known for his acting credits in Hollywood. Moreover, he made his debut appearance in the drama series Steel River Blues in 2004.

Likewise, Malcolm grabbed the limelight with his portrayal in the fantasy drama horror film, “The Wolfman,” in 2010. He last appeared in the comedy movie, The Inbetweeners in 2011.

Malcolm Scates Obituary

Malcolm Scates passed away at the age of 58. He took his breath on Friday, 6th September 2016, in a London-based hospital.

Scates’ family members and beloved ones paid tribute to his unwavering soul during the funeral ceremony.

The Inbetweeners star was born as Malcolm Henry Scates to Mr. and Mrs. Scates in 1958. He spent his childhood in his hometown, Hammersmith, London, England, U.K.

Malcolm Scates Death Cause - Obituary
The Inbetweeners actor Malcolm Scates passed away at the age of 58. Source: (TheSun)

Later, Malcolm met Susan Cookson, an English actress in the late 80s. They then started dating for several years privately.

Mr. Malcolm and his wife Cookson tied the knot in an intimate nuptial in 1993. Furthermore, they became parents of their first baby, a son, Ruari, in 1996.

Mr. Malcolm again found the good news when Susan got pregnant in late-2001. Moreover, the pair welcomed their second son, Dan, in 2002.

As of now, Mr. Scates’ family and close relatives are still missing his presence. Similarly, fans share sympathy towards Malcolm’s family members on social media.

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Malcolm Scates Cause of Death: What Happened?

Malcolm Scates was suffering from a brain tumor before his death. Moreover, his beloved wife Susan looked after him when he was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

In an interview with The Mirror, Mr. Scates’ spouse Susan said she nearly gave up on her acting career to care for her husband.

Emmerdale star Cookson began to think about changing her career and becoming a full-time nurse. However, Malcolm is no more alive in this world.

Malcolm Scates Obituary
Malcolm Scates had a wonderful marital union with his beloved wife, Susan Cookson. Source: (TheSun)

During Malcolm’s treatment, his marital partner Susan discussed his disease with notable doctors and nurses for years.

After the death of Mr. Scates, his wife Susan was heartbroken and could not start working in the film line. But, a ray of hope came into her life when Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson got her a lead role.

At that time, Susan was in her car, ten minutes away from her meeting, and her phone’s battery ran off. She thought she could not survive with her love, but her character Wendy found love with Bob Hope.

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