Malisa Golightly

Malisa Golightly Obituary: Malisa was reported to be dead at 58. Let’s know what happened to her as fans are concerned regarding her death cause. 

Malisa Golightly was Deputy secretary, Human Services and also known as the daughter of Malcolm and Lesley. She passed away at 58 on December 22, 2021. Malisa was a kind and lovely nature person.

She was positioned as Deputy secretary in Human Services, and as per the sources, her section in Human services was directly responsible for standing up robodebt as a budget deliverable.

Likewise, the former Deputy secretary of Human Services was aware of the responsibility, and she used to handle Human service’s scaling-up and day-to-day operations. 

After some years of her service as the Deputy secretary in the Human Service, she moved and was appointed the DepSec at the Department of Home Affairs.

Malisa Golightly Obituary And Funeral

Malisa Golightly passed away at the age of 58. The official obituary was not released, but many online portals covered her death news.

According to Death and Funerals, Golightly passed away on December 22, 2021. Further details regarding her passing were not revealed, but all the details about her funeral services were elaborated on.

Malisa Golightly
Funeral service for Malisa Golightly. (Source: Live Stream)

As per the same report, Golightly’s funeral service was scheduled for Friday, January 7, 2022, in Holy Spirit Parish Catholic Church, Burdekin Avenue, Amaroo.

The funeral director was William Cole Funerals, and the service commenced at 10:30 am.

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What Happened To Malisa Golightly? Cause of Death

The former Deputy secretary Malisa Golightly’s death saddened her family and followers as people mourned her death as expressed deep sorrow for losing her so soon. 

Similarly, people still wonder about the death cause of Malisa as it wasn’t revealed in the past. Unfortunately, the cause of the death of Malisa still seems to be a mysterious topic as non of the online sources have revealed it yet. 

Furthermore, Malisa’s family has maintained silence regarding this topic since her death, so we have no clue if Golightly died of any disease or illness. 

Similarly, there was no record of the Deputy Secretary having any illness; neither is there information of her battling any disorder at the time of her death. 

Therefore, Malisa Golightly’s death remains suspicious as the complete insiders into her death cause remain missing from the public domain.

So, thus might be published in the future after her family members feel okay sharing any details about her death cause in the media unless this remains a suspicious topic.

Details About Late Malisa Golightly

Malisa Golightly worked as a Deputy Secretary at Human Services, where her section was in charge of implementing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the robodebt program as a budget deliverable. 

She later transferred to the Department of Home Affairs. Evidence indicates that she was a driving force behind the advancement of the robodebt program, particularly as a senior executive service officer who was unwavering in her dedication to making the project a reality.

Malisa administrated the Refugee and Humanitarian Assistance Program and the Department’s visa delivery transformation during her tenure.

Malisa Golightly
Malisa Golightly was a deputy secretary, Human Services. (Source: Courirer Mail)

Furthermore, Malisa’s name is currently in the limelight after Serena Wilson said her relationship with Malisa was deeply unhappy. She also revealed that she felt intimidated and bullied by Malisa.

Wilson claimed that Golightly informed her, in a 30-40 minute meeting at her Canberra office, that averaging would not be used, and the method of raising debts would remain the same. 

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