Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo leaked video has gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Here’s everything you need to know about her scandal.

Malu Trevejo is a well-known Cuban-American social media personality and singer who has a massive fan base on her social media handles.

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Trevejo is mainly famous on TikTok, where more than 24.7 million people have followed her. In addition to that, she has been able to collect more than 11.5 million followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, Trevejo is also famous for her songs and has been making music for quite a while now. On September 22, 2017, Malu released her debut single titled Luna Llena, which helped her gain massive fame.

Later, Trevejo also released another song named En Mi Mente, which many people loved. Meanwhile, she can also be found on OnlyFans, and currently, she is going viral for her videos.

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Influencer Malu Trevejo Leaked Video On Reddit

Influencer Malu Trevejo leaked video is trending on various social media platforms, including Reddit. In the viral video, Malu was said to have been involved in an intimate moment.

As said earlier, she is also active on Only Fans. From her OF account, Malu shares exclusive content with her followers, and some people may have leaked the video on social media groups.

Malu Trevejo Leaked Video
Malu Trevejo leaked video has gone viral on Reddit, which has dragged her into the middle of controversy. ( Source: Instagram )

The viral video has also been shared on some adult sites, which dragged the eyes of many people. After people got curious about Malu’s viral tape, some online portals started to make news about it.

In addition to that, many fake videos can also be found on social media, which may have been created to get views on their post.

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Malu Trevejo Scandal Explained

Malu Trevejo often makes rounds on the internet for various reasons, and people want to know everything related to her scandal.

In the past, Trevejo was sued by four former staffers for abuse.

According to the lawsuit, Victoria Barreto, Ralph Colon, Witchneverson Lacroix, and Edwardo Vidal sued Malu for battery, defamation and sexual misconduct, among other complaints.

Malu Trevejo leaked video
Malu Trevejo is making rounds on the internet sources after people started to search for her scandal. (Source: Distractify)

Moreover, they seek $4 million in damages. The lawsuit came almost five years after Trevejo was given a motion to disaffirm her obligations under her recording deal with Universal Music Latino.

Trevejo stated her contract with Universal Music Latin was void because she was underage when she signed the recording and co-management deal with Universal Music Latino imprint In-Tu Linea.

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Everything On Malu Trevejo Affair

Malu Trevejo was once a hot topic after people started to search for her affair news with Ryan Garcia. In 2020, Ryan was reportedly caught kissing Malu outside a restaurant held by Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero.

It was said that Ryan was in a long-term relationship with Drea Celina Garcia. At that time, Drea was only seven weeks away from giving birth to Garcia’s second daughter, Bela.

Malu Trevejo Affair
Malu Trevejo reportedly had an affair with Ryan Garcia in the past, and the news dragged them into the controversy. ( Source: Marca )

Due to that, Malu and Ryan both received a huge backlash on social media as Ryan cheated on Drea. Following the incident, Drea took to Instagram to show her disappointment.

She also called Ryan a horrible, evil human. Later, Malu also came live on Instagram to talk about the matter and said that she was not aware that Ryan was engaged. 

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