Mama Cax Wife

Mama Cax’s wife has been a top topic of discussion since there is a rumor about Cax being lesbian. 

Cacsmy Brutus, known as Mama Cax, was a model and disabled rights advocate. She was the model who proudly strutted down catwalks on her prosthetic leg.

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Cax was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and lung Cancer; after a long surgery and medical process, she has a prosthetic leg that she hid in public for a long time. 

The model was not confident about her body, and she was insecure about her legs for a very long time, but she built up that confidence, and still, after her *****, we know her as the most robust model.

The American-Haitian model died on December 16, 2019, at 30. Read further to learn about the rumor going on the Internet. 

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Mama Cax Wife: Was American Haitian Model Married Before Her *****?

Cacsmy Brutus was an American-Haitian model; she was not married or engaged before her *****. 

The model was extremely private about her personal life; she never opened up about her relationship with any boy or girl. 

Cax was single at the time of her *****; she never shared any questionable pictures on her social media and was often private about her relationship. 

In a message on social media model Iskra said that Mama Cax changed the world and added that her legacy was everlasting
Message on social media shared by model Iskra after the ***** of Mama Cax. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

As the model never shared her personal information, people started making rumors about her relationship, which she never confirmed in public. 

So, the news you have been following about Cax’s wife or being lesbian is inaccurate. She never shared that either she is lesbian, straight, or bisexual, so we can’t confirm the news going on the Internet. 

Lesbian Rumors And Relationship Timeline 

By now, it’s clear Mama Cax was not lesbian; the news about dating a girl or being in a relationship with someone of her same gender is just a rumor. 

People often make speculations about well-known celebrities to gain public attention and the likes they always wanted. 

Model Mama Cax in Teen Vogue's Body Party Presented By Snapchat on September 11, 2018.
Model Mama Cax in Teen Vogue’s Body Party Presented By Snapchat on September 11, 2018. (Image Source: CNN)

Cax was not open about her romantic encounters. The relationship before her ***** or in the past was not shared in public. 

The late model was focused on her career; Cax has had lung Cancer since she was 14, and although after not physically OK, she was active as a model and was a disability rights advocate.

Cax inspired many disabled people who were not confident and could not work going out.

The model learned wheelchair basketball when she was 18; she never lost hope and waited for the opportunity to come.

Mama Cax Net Worth At *****

Many sources have mentioned different net worth and earnings, as Mama Cax has yet to share them publicly. 

Talking about the number, the late model’s net worth was $75 million, as mentioned by Stars Gab.

Cax’s primary source of income was her model career, earning $1 million- $3 million for brands for advisements and sponsors. 

The diva died from blood clots in her lungs, and she was hospitalized after abdominal pains in December 2019.

After spending some time in the hospital, Cax left this world on December 16, 2019.

Many of her close friends were in shock after hearing the news of her demise, and the famous singer Rihanna expressed condolence to her family and friends. 

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