Mandla Maphumulo death

Award-winning GQOM star Mandla Maphumulo, 40, passed away recently on Saturday morning, 24 December 2022. So, the music fans wanted to know about Mandla Maphumulo ***** and his family. 

The late Mandla Maphumulo, Mampintsha, was a known singer and musician. The former Big Nuz member gave many hits to the GQOM band.

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Let’s Say the late musician became famous after being a band member. The former music star was a master in many of his works, including singing. 

Mampintsha reflected on his extraordinary singing talents performing with Big Nuz. The former band member was married to fellow GQOM musician Bongekile Simelane.

Mampintsha’s followers called him Shimora. Yes, fans also knew his wife as Babes Wodumo. He had one kid with his wife. His child was born in 2021 and is just one year at his Father’s funeral. 

Remembering the interesting fact about the former Big Nuz member — Mandla Maphumulo, featured in a hit reality show, Uthando Lodumo. Showmax broadcasts the show and is currently presenting its second season. 

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Mandla Maphumulo *****: How Did Mampintsha Die?

Singer Mandla Maphumulo passed away in the hospital on Saturday morning. He was admitted to the hospital following a stroke a week before.

Sadly, Maphumulo died young on 23 December this year, at forty, a day before Christmas.

The GQOM star had a stroke a week before his ***** on the weekend. The man suffered a stroke during his performance with his band, Big Nuz. After suffering for a week in the hospital, he had a tragic ending.

Mandla Maphumulo died
Mandla Maphumulo, stage name Mampintsha, died in hospital on 2022 Christsmas Eve. (Source: South African)

A week before his *****, the label confirmed that Maphumulo was in a hospital receiving medical attention. 

A close family friend and record label mate revealed the news of the music star’s passing. 

After being successful in the band, Mampintsha became the favorite of his mates, fans, and family.

His close friend and mate respected his privacy and tried not to get him revealed in his friend’s darkest hour. 

Unfortunately, Mampintsha didn’t survive seeing his band performance.

His family and record label were preparing a statement saying:

Sadly, it (referring to Maphumulo’s *****) is true. We can’t talk at the moment but our record label will soon release a statement. 

The late singer’s family asks the media and public to respect their privacy and grief during their difficult stage. Our prayers are all with them as we try to maintain their privacy. 

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Mandla Maphumulo’s Family 

The Late singer Mandla Maphumulo was born in South Africa on 18 July 1982. His family wants to maintain their privacy during their difficult times. 

Mampintsha’s followers called him Shimora.

The Big Nuz member was married to fellow GQOM musician Bongekile Simelane. Fans also knew his wife as Babes Wodumo.

Maphumulo had one kid with his wife. His child was born in 2021. Sadly, the kid is just one year at his Father’s funeral. 

Eventually, Maphumulo’s health worsened after a stroke in December of this year. His family and close ones will miss the late singer in this year’s Christmas.  

Net Worth Of Mandla Maphumulo

Sadly, there is no valid confirmation regarding Big Nuz singer Mandla Maphumulo’s net worth. But some sources on the web claim his fortune to be at least $1.5 million.

Mandla Maphumulo net worth
The late Musician Mandla Maphumulo’s net worth is in the shadows. (Source: News24)

This says Maphumulo was rich before his *****, as he had performed for the big-name music band Big Nuz.

However, the exact value of Maphumulo’s salary as a band member is yet to be confirmed. 

All’s Favorite singer, Mampintsha, will be missed. RIP, pure soul.

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