Manoj Muntashir Muslim

Is Manoj Muntashir Muslim? Get insights into the Adipurush lyricist’s religion and the recent controversy regarding the dialogues in the movie, Adipurush.

Manoj Shukla is an Indian lyricist, poet, screenwriter, and dialogue writer better known by his stage name Manoj Shukla Muntashir.

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He produced several popular Hindi film songs. Teri Mitti, Galliyan, Tere Sang Yaara, Kaun Tujhe, Dil Meri Na Sune, Kaise Hua, and Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga are a few of his songs. 

The lyricist is also well-known for writing songs in Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Additionally, Adipurush, a movie by Om Raut, features dialogue that he penned. The movie’s dialogue received several criticism.

It also ignited controversy towards his religion itself. Many people on the internet suggest that the lyricist is from the Muslim community. 

How much truth is there to the claims made by the people worldwide? Let’s find out.

Adipurush Is Manoj Muntashir Muslim? Religion Explored

Manoj Muntashir does not belong to the Muslim community. In fact, he follows Hinduism and was born in a Brahmin family. 

Manoj was born into a Brahmin family in the village of Gauriganj in the Uttar Pradesh Amethi region. 

The Bollywood writer was controversial for posting an Islamophobic rant on Twitter after avoiding using his Hindu Brahmin surname, Shukla.

Manoj Muntashir Muslim
Manoj Muntashir referred to the Mughals as “glorified dacoits” and urged people to respect Indian culture instead of heroizing invaders and plunderers. (Source: OpIndia)

The Kesari author termed the same kings from the past “dacoits,” clearly ashamed of his Hindu Brahmin surname Shukla. He replaced it with a language that Islamic monarchs introduced to the subcontinent.

Muntashir further claimed that Muslim leaders were waging war against the Hindu populace of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan using false information, possibly obtained via WhatsApp University, run by the Hindutva factory.

He urged Indians to pick their legacy carefully to voice his anger over naming Indian highways after historical Islamic tyrants.

A few days prior, he uploaded a photo of himself with Mohan Bhagwat and stated that his encounter with the RSS leader had profoundly altered his outlook. An anti-Islamic tirade followed this.

Manoj Muntashir Controversy On Dialogues Used In The Movie Adipurush

Manoj wrote the dialogue for Om Raut’s movie Adipurush. The dialogue in the movie has drawn criticism for being overly sarcastic or irreverent and for using contemporary terminology in a historical context.

A sizable portion of the audience did not appreciate seeing religiously significant mythological characters say things like “Lanka laga denge,” “teri bua ka bageecha hai,” and “jalegi tere baap ki.”

Additionally, one of the movie’s lines, in which Sita is referred to as “Bharat ki beti,” has riled up the Nepalese people.

Manoj Muntashir controversy
The mayor of Kathmandu City Balen Shah has declared a ban on the television broadcast of Indian films unless certain scenes from the ‘Adipurush’ movie are changed. (Source: Latestly)

This is due to the fact that Janakpur, which is located in modern-day Nepal, is where Sita was born.

Although the movie’s creators agreed to cut that particular dialogue, another false claim regarding Nepal’s sovereignty has outraged the local populace even more.

Manoj falsely claimed that Nepal was a part of “Bharat” till 1904 and indicated that it had split from “Bharat” in an interview on Aaj Tak to discredit the Nepalese people’s claims.

Manoj has been charged with distorting historical truths, prompting demands that all Hindi films be banned in Nepal.

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Adipurush Lyricist Manoj Muntashir Family

Manoj was born on February 27, 1976, in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was raised and spent most of his childhood in Gauriganj. 

Shiv Pratap Shukla is the name of Manoj’s father. However, the identity of Manoj’s mother has not been revealed yet. 

His father was a farmer who served as a pandit for weddings and religious ceremonies. Meanwhile, the lyricist’s mother was a teacher. Manoj’s parents used to call the lyricist Mannu with affection.

Manoj claims that his father is still working on this. Because of his extensive exposure to poverty, Manoj’s father occasionally craved food.

Because of this, Manoj’s father operated the home admirably when he worked hard to manage it effectively.

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