Marc Rantseli Brother

Marc Rantseli wife name is one of the most searched topics on the web. Keep reading to know everything about Alex Rantseli’s brother.

Marc Rantseli was a notable singer from South Africa who was widely famous for being part of MarcAlex, a South African musical group.

The group consisted of two people, Marc Rantseli and his brother Alex Rantseli. The duo gained widespread recognition for their song named Quick Quick.

The respective song also went to number 1 on the South African music charts in June 1989. Currently, Marc is making rounds online after his death news was shared.

People close to Rantseli are sharing their messages for the late soul, while some are eager to know about Marc’s personal life, which has been shared here.

Marc Rantseli Wife: Was Alex Rantseli Brother Married?

Marc Rantseli wife is making headlines, and people started to get curious about his married life after the news of his passing was shared on social media.

As of now, the media sources have not given anything related to Marc’s married life. Due to the lack of information, details about his wife also remain a mysterious topic to the public.

Marc Rantseli Wife
Marc Rantseli was not married but many people are searching for the details regarding his personal matters. (Source: Facebook)

So, it has been speculated that Marc was not married before his death. On the other hand, some people on social media have speculated that Marc may have married but kept the info far from the media sources.

Not to mention, Rantseli was very private when it came to the matter of his personal life. So, he kept everything confidential rather than sharing the info in the public domain.

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Take A Look At Marc Rantseli Family Details

Marc Rantseli was a family guy who lived happily with his close ones in private. Rantseli was born to his parents in Soweto, South Africa and was raised alongside his brother, Alex Rantseli.

The Rantseli brothers are very private, and due to their lowkey nature, it becomes pretty challenging to know more information about their family background.

Marc Rantseli Family
Marc Rantseli was a family person who shared a good bond with many people. (Source: Facebook)

In the same way, the names of Marc’s father and mother also remain under review. His brother Alex became interested in music when he was at Olympia High School.

At that time, Marc had started playing piano. Later, both of them started to collaborate and began working together.

Marc Rantseli And Alex Rantseli Relationship Explored

Marc Rantseli and Alex Rantseli shared the relationship of brothers. They shared a good bond as they became interested in music from an early age.

In an interview, Alex talked about his brother Marc, saying that he was more vocalist and was already seasoned when they started to take music seriously.

Marc Rantseli And Alex Rantseli
Marc Rantseli And Alex Rantseli started making music a long time ago and their hit song is Quick Quick. (Source: The Citizen)

Later, the Rantseli brothers started to make music together, and when the duo recorded their first song at EMI Studios, they didn’t realise they were recording a smash hit.

Further information regarding the Rantseli family is not accessible in the media sources. Apart from that, the whole Rantseli family is mourning the loss of their beloved member as Marc has passed away. 

To this loss, Genius Celebs also pays a deepest condolence to the devasted family. 

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