Maria Sol Messi Husband

Who is Maria Sol Messi husband? The younger sister of the renowned Argentine football player Lionel Messi takes care of his brand and fashion representing his personal style.

Maria Sol Messi, Leo Messi’s younger sister, serves as brand manager for The Messi Store. She adds to the team a lifelong love of fashion and trends.

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Maria helps Ginny Hilfiger, the creative director, with each collection’s planning, styling, and merchandising, representing Leo’s style.

She works at The Messi Store to represent the company’s vision and serve as the link between their ideas, the work they perform, and the way Leo, the brand ambassador, thinks and behaves.

Moreover, Messi has worked very hard to be able to work on this project because it is so important to her and her family.

For the company Bikinis Rio, Maris also launched her own bikini line. She announced the release of the Rosaria brand’s limited-edition “Brilla y Ama” capsule through her Instagram post.

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Maria Sol Messi Husband: Is Lionel Messi Sister Married Tuli Arellano?

There is news on the Internet about Maria Sol Messi’s husband claiming that Leo’s sister is married. To know more about her, let us explore her life.

Even though there are rumors about her marriage, the fashionista is not married as of now. However, she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Tuli Arellano.

Maria’s boyfriend is a young man from Rosario who works as a soccer coach for Florida’s under-19 team, which has just won the title of South Division of the Florida United Premier Soccer League (UPSL).

This young man, who is originally from Rosario’s southern region, specifically from the same La Bajada neighborhood as the Messi family, has always had a passion for soccer.

Maria Sol Messi Husband
Maria Sol Messi is not married at this time. (Source: Instagram)

As a result, he was an integral member of the “La Bajada” 5-a-side soccer team that won the Paradise League of Funes.

Additionally, the truth is that Tuli just started working at Inter Miami as a member of the Under 19 coaching staff, under the leadership of Venezuelan Aday González.

The team where Arellano excels as a coach is located on the fourth level of the US Soccer Pyramid, immediately below the three professional divisions.

Moreover, this category aids in the youth’s preparation by allowing them to become acquainted with the pace that working as a professional demands.

Furthermore, Tuli has a great connection with his girlfriend’s brother Leo, both following the same passion for sports.

Maria Sol Messi Relationship With Tuli Arellano

The bond between Maria Sol Messi and Tuli Arellano transcends the boundaries of a typical boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship.

While Tuli might not have the same level of global recognition as his girlfriend’s brother, his passion for the sport is no less remarkable.

Their mutual love of sports is one of the most endearing features of Maria Sol and Tuli’s relationship.

Additionally, the sport runs deep in their family, and their common love for the game likely brought them together.

The love between Maria Sol and Tuli is characterized by support, compassion, and shared objectives. They support one another while they pursue their individual goals.

Maria Sol Messi Husband
Maria Sol Messi’s boyfriend Tuli Arellano is a soccer player. (Source: TN)

Although Maria publicly expresses her love for Tuli on social media and has not shied away from the limelight, their early relationship days were private.

Moreover, her romance with Tuli Arellano, a soccer player with his own goals, adds a lovely new page to their family’s sports history.

The couple is usually spotted spending quality time together on trips and vacations. Furthermore, they are also frequently seen on the grounds along with her brother Leo Messi.

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