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Marie Osmond’s health update: she suffered from postpartum depression for a long time. She co-authored a book explaining her experience with it.

Throughout the 70s and 80s, Marie Osmond established herself as a genuine musical sensation. The Actress/television host is also a member of the show business family the Osmonds.

She never sang with her family’s singing group, but she succeeded as a country and pop musician.

The Utah native is also well-known for hosting television variety shows. She and her singer brother Donny Osmond served as hosts of the television variety show Donny & Marie from 1976 to 1979.

There has been a considerable buzz about marine Osmond’s health now. Are there any issues with the singer’s health? Here are all the known facts regarding it.

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Marie Osmond Health Update: Is She Sick? What Happened To Her?

Marie Osmond has practically spent her entire life in the public eye. But it’s possible that many of her followers are unaware of her personal with her health.

The singer opened up to WRAL regarding her mental health in 2022, explaining how it has affected her.

After acknowledging that sharing makes people less lonely, the musician disclosed that her mental health issue began after her 18-year-old son, Michael Blosil, died of suicide in 2010.

Marie Osmond Health
Marie Osmond co-authored a book documenting her experience with depression. (Source: IMDb)

In her book “Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression,” Marie described her experience with postpartum depression (she was diagnosed with it in 1999). After years of learning to cope, Marie is now seeking any way to assist others.

“God said there is joy in sorrow. But I think there is no joy in sorrow,” Osmond added. She explained that the joy referred to, in her opinion, is the ability to look at someone and say, “I understand,” and have them know that she genuinely does.

It is how life is sometimes. No matter how hard we try to tear something apart or eliminate that problem, we can’t. Some things are supposed to be carried.

The musician also seems to have learned to hold herself together and keep moving. On top of that, she inspires many people to move on even if they feel like shattering.

Marie Osmond Said Mustard Keeps Her Healthy: Wait, What?

Apart from her efforts to help her fans cope with mental health, the singer also shared an intriguing health tip that (according to her) was given to her by her physician.

The In My Little Corner of the World hitmaker recently revealed that consuming one spoon full of mustard is her favorite on-the-road health hack.

The songstress began the video clip by aiming a bottle of French mustard toward the camera. She claimed that “one tablespoon” of the condiment daily keeps her in peak condition.

As reported by Very Well Fit, Anti-cancer, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing effects can all be found in mustard seed.

Also, turmeric is a key component of many mustards, which has long been thought to possess therapeutic effects. Enjoy your life to the fullest, Marie!

Marie Osmond Health
Marie Osmond shared an interesting tip to be healthy. (Image Source: Biography)

Marie Osmond Personal life

Marie Osmond has been married thrice, twice to the same man.

Her first marriage was with Brigham Youn University basketball player Stephen Lyle Craig. The couple tied the knot on 26 June 1982. They had one child together in 1982 – a son named Stephen James Craig.

Marie and Stephen officially parted ways in October 1985. Afterward, the songstress got married to Brian Blosil on 28 October 1986.

The Osmond-Blosil couple had five children – Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. The pair announced their separation in March 2007 and said neither one assigned fault for the divorce.

Marie Osmond remarried Stephen Lyle Craig in May 2011.

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