Marilyn Mcintyre Murder

Marilyn Mcintyre ****** was a marked shocking incident as media outlets highly publicized the case, and the violent criminal aspect took many years of investigation.

She was a young woman who lost her life by being murdered, and such criminal cases keep appearing through news outlets that have grasped the audience’s attention. With this, general people sought justice for such victims.

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The incident took place in 1980, & even now, more than three decades later, many people who have heard about it are shocked by what happened next.

The investigation authorities dragged her closed ones as suspects in the case, but the investigation retook a significant turn.

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Marilyn Mcintyre ******; How Did She Die?

Marilyn Mcintyre’s ****** is a shocking incident that occurred in the 1980s when she was around eighteen. The murderer brutally killed her in her own home.

Marilyn Mcintyre ****** case has been highlighted since 1980s
Marilyn Mcintyre ****** case has been highlighted since the 1980s (Source- Daily Mail)

The case was acknowledged when her husband witnessed the incident and called the Police. When he returned from the office where he worked at a local paper plant in Columbus, Wisconsin, he saw his wife stabbed by a knife.

After witnessing the horrific and traumatizing incident, he went to the child’s bedroom to check if their then three-month-old son was okay. He found their baby, Christopher, safe.

Police arrived on the site and found no evidence of a forced entry. Marilyn had allowed her attacker inside the House, implying that it was someone she knew.

The autopsy found that she had been badly beaten and choked & had the knife placed into her chest after she died.

Marilyn Mcintyre ****** Suspect Number One; Her Husband

Marilyn Mcintyre’s innocent husband, Lane McIntyre, was suspected of her ****** for years. He was not the person involved in the ****** case, but many aspects had directed hints toward him.

Even though his timeline indicated he was at his working place the night Marilyn was killed, he frequently worked alone and was authorized to take breaks. 

The fact that he had purchased a life insurance policy on Marilyn just days before his wife was killed raises suspicions. Although Lane was a blatant suspect, there was no assurance linking him to the crime.

Investigators gathered fingerprint evidence at the crime scene, where they also discovered hair from an unidentified source and bloodstains.

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Cold Case ****** Of 18-Year-Old Mother Solved After Exhumation Scares Killer Into Plot To Fake His *****
****** Case Of 18-Year-Old Mother Solved After Exhumation Scares Killer Into Plot To Fake His ***** (Source- Oxygen)

Marilyn Mcintyre Murdered By Her Husband Friend Curtis Forbes, Case Update

Marilyn Mcintyre’s actual culprit was her husband’s friend Curtis Forbes who was caught only after several years of the case. He was investigated during the time of the case occurrence, but he fled away.

As there was no evidence against him, Police did not consider him at the time. But there was a case update after around twenty-seven years which shocked many.

Again, with the case re-open through local Police, the Police were confident in finding the mystery case through DNA samples and modern investigation.

The ultimate goal of Forbes’ was to fake his ***** by purchasing an inflatable raft, taking a boat out into Lake Michigan, and sinking it, giving the impression that Forbes passed in the collision and thereby planned his escape.

Unfortunately for him, when Attleson was re-interviewed by Police, she admitted that she had observed blood on his shirt the morning of the ******. They now had enough solid evidence to arrest him.

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