Marilyn Monroe Autospy

Although Marilyn Monroe died 60 years ago in 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s Autopsy did not clear any reason in the past.

Monroe was a well-known American Actress well-known for a comedy television series. 

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She died at 32, and the reason behind her ***** was not cleared out, although after attempting two or more autopsies. 

Although it has been three decades, people are still curious to know the reason behind her *****, which is not clear yet. 

In this article, you will discover the reason behind the ***** of the Actress and more information about autopsy photos. 

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Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photos: What Happened To Her Body After She Died?

The topic of Marilyn Monroe’s ***** premiered on the Fox News Channel in 2019 and featured an interview with the photographer’s son, who captured the images of the Actress nacked lying in her bed.

Leigh Wiener, the photographer, was bribed his way into the coroner’s quarters just an hour after Monroe’s *****.

The news was revealed after the photographer, Leigh, died, taking the guilt with him in 1993. 

Also, the statement from his son came to be proved in some way because there was a rumor about the missing dead body for several hours after her *****. 

Probably the photographer took her body for the backed pictures, which Devik Wiener was talking about.

Leigh - who was a famous freelance photographer for LIFE magazine - passed away in 1993 without ever revealing the location of his scandalous Monroe photos
Leigh – who was a famous freelance photographer for LIFE magazine  (Source: Daily Mail)

And Eunice Murray, the housekeeper, was the first to find the body. She found Monroe lying in her bed, covered with the bed set.

When Allan Abbot attended the funeral, he mentioned that the Actress’s face was swollen due to the blood rushing through her head as she died her face down. 

It was hard for everyone in the family to believe it was a suicidal case or she was murdered. 

Monroe was buried in front of her family and friends, and more than 30 celebrity friends were also involved. 

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What Was The ***** Cause of Marilyn Monroe? 

Two different sides of the report revealed to the public after the ***** was found to be a mystery.

Many autopsies were held after her *****, and there were two different reasons for her *****. 

In 1962, the reason for her ***** was revealed publicly, and they mentioned that it was a probable suicide. Which was never precisely confirmed by any news or sources.

Marilyn Monroe ‘killed by a party drug used to heighten sexual pleasure,’
Marilyn Monroe was‘ killed by a Party drug used to heighten sexual pleasure,’ (Source: The Sun)

After almost two years again, in 1982, a different reason was revealed; they concluded that the ***** of Actress was due to an accidental drug overdose.

Many of her concerned fans never believed the reason behind her *****, and the public mentioned someone was in this case.

But no reason came out after 1982; people at some point started believing in accidental drug overdose because she was on anti-depression medication.

Still, the reason is out there, but no one knows; people need clarification about the two other news. 

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