Marilyn Monroe Suicide

Marilyn Monroe suicide following a barbiturate overdose on the evening of Saturday, August 4, 1962, is still shocking news for many of her fan base. She was one of the most adored personalities who held fans globally.

Similarly, she was an American Actress whose prominence rose with her jaw-dropping performance and being a top-billed Actress for a decade during her career span. With this, she has been showered with numerous honors and accolades.

However, many movie analysts and media outlets have noted Monroe as one of the best actors, never to have obtained an Academy Award nomination following her hit in the entertainment industry.

With her rising prominence, her suicide news was shocking for many, and the aftermath is being widely searched since the funeral was held private without calling prominent faces of Hollywood.

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Marilyn Monroe Suicide: What Happened To Her Body After Her Death?

The media highly publicized Marilyn Monroe’s suicide as she was a prominent face during her career and held a considerable fan base, resulting in the information breaking news.

Marilyn Monroe’s death continues to spark conversations about addiction and mental health

Marilyn Monroe’s death continues to spark conversations about addiction and mental health (Source- History)Monroe’s death occurred in Los Angeles, California, on August 4, 1962, at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive residence. Her body was buried near her foster parents, Ana Lower and Grace McKee Goddard.  

Her former husband, Joe DiMaggio, sister Berniece Baker Miracle, and business manager Inez Melson arranged her final rites after her death on August 8.

They had kept the ceremony private by inviting only around thirty of her closest family members, excluding most of Hollywood. Concerning privacy, Police were present to remove the press and control several hundred observers, creating a crowd.

Marilyn Monroe Suicide: How Did She Kill Her Self?

Marilyn Monroe’s death was declared a suicide by the investigating authorities based on precedents of her overdosing and being inclined to mood swings and suicidal imagination.

With a significant investigation throughout the case, they found no clear evidence of offensive play, and accidental overdose was judged out because of the massive amount of barbiturates in the body she had ingested. 

She had been suffering from mental health problems for a long time, so she consulted her psychiatrist. During her death, her psychiatrist and other close mates were also present in her House.

In the early morning, her housekeeper noticed that Monroe had locked herself in her bedroom, unresponsive.

Shortly, she was found dead when they tried to reach her by breaking through a window.

Marilyn Monroe Suicide
The Essential ‘Mystery of Marilyn Monroe’ following her demise (Source- NetFlix)

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Marilyn Monroe Death Suspects During Investigation

When Marilyn Monroe was found dead due to an overdose of medicine intake following several investigations, her death was declared a suicide.

During the investigation, however, many people were suspected of being involved in her death if it was a murder. Her case stalled due to a lack of evidence.

As she was a famous face, her death was a topic of discussion with possibilities for many years resulting in different conspiracy theories.

Many of the suspects in the case targeted former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Robert, union Leader Jimmy Hoffa and mob boss Sam Giancana.

Because of the media hype surrounding these theories, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office opened the case in 1982, but nothing was discovered.

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