Mario Massaccesi Pareja Actual. Is he gay?

Mario Massaccesi pareja (partner) actual or Is he gay? Questions surrounding the journalist’s personal life. The EL Trece journalist will host a face-to-face workshop on July 30 in The Rica.

Mario Massaccesi is a well-known Argentine journalist and media personality. He is also an ontological coach and has released two books: Let go to live and Leap to living good.

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Mario has bagged several nominations in his career, including Martin Fierro Air Awards, the most prominent Argentine radio and television award.

With his recently released book alongside the psychologist Patricia Dalerio, the El Trece host is excited to discuss taking measures to lead a better life.

 People are interested to find out about Mario Massaccesi Pareja’s reality. Let’s shed some light on his personal life through this article.

Mario Massaccesi Pareja Actual

Being a public figure comes with rumors and speculations about their personal life. Mario’s life is no different.

One such rumor surfaced regarding Mario Massaccesi Pareja (partner). He was rumored with fellow El Trece host and journalist Rodrigo Lussich.

Rodrigo Lussich is a Uruguayan presenter, journalist and actor who has developed his career in Argentina.

He began his career in the 1990s as a co-presenter of Fiestas Populares Argentinas on Channel 7.

After working as an actor in the underground circuit of Buenos Aires theater, he specialized his career in entertainment journalism and show business.

Regarding his personal life, Rodrigo separated from his boyfriend, Juan Pablo Kildoff, in June, after going through disputes for several months.

Mario Massaccesi Pareja Actual. Is He Gay?
El Trece host Mario Massaccesi and Rodrigo Lussich are speculated to be dating (Source: agencianova)

After the split, Lussich Rodrigo seems to be enjoying Buenos Aires nightlife accompanied by Mario Massaccesi, which led to the speculation of their affair.

Mario has always been Rodrigo’s silent friend throughout Rodrigo’s struggling years. The former even managed the place that Rodrigo currently has in El Trece together with Adrian Pallares.

Mario has denied the rumors, and in an interview with Gente, when asked about his luck in love, the host stated he feels lucky to have a family who supported him regardless of him being different and restless.

Mario further said he had never projected a picture of him being married, having children and building a home with his beloved; he pointed out that he lives alone and is single. 

While various rumors and discussions have circulated online, it is essential to differentiate authentic information and assumed speculation.

Unless the two come forward and accept their relationship openly, we should respect their privacy.

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Is Mario Massaccesi Gay? A Look Into His Personal Life.

Mario has not addressed his sexual orientation. He has refrained from speaking about his sexuality publicly.

In an exclusive interview about his new book ” Leap To Living Good,” the journalist talked about his personal life, difficult childhood and the painful death of his mother.

Born in Rio Cuarto, Argentina, Mario moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 24 in search of better opportunities.

Mario entered the newsroom of a newspaper company in a very tender age and has never stopped working since then.

The successful journalist was fired from three jobs in the same week after Rio Cuarto was hit by hyper inflation, crisis, unemployment compelled him to shift to a different city.

Mario Massaccesi Pareja Actual. Is he gay?
Mario with his co-writer and psychologist Patricia amidst their book launch (Source: lacapital)

Like it is said, change is the beginning of new opportunities, Mario found his purpose in journalism when he was going through a challenging phase of life.

Besides Journalism, the El Trece host is a teacher at the University of Belgrano of the driving course on tv in San Martin Cultural Centre.

Mario defines himself as “a good guy who doesn’t want to lose common sense and have fulfilled everything he had set out to do.”

Regardless of Massaccesi’s sexuality, his contribution to the media and journalism truly defines him.

We congratulate him as he embraces his journey as an author and wish him the best of luck.

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