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Marisa Mondino is an Italian actress born in Turin, Italy, on January 3, 1955. She has appeared in different movies and television shows. 

People have often been curious to learn about her career, as her daughter has also been present as an Actress like her mother. 

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Marisa Mondino Wikipedia And Biography 

Mondino began her acting career in the late 1970s and worked with renowned Italian horror filmmaker Lucio Fulci, appearing in several of his films, including “The Beyond” (1981), “Delirium” (1987), and “The House of Clocks” (1989).

Mondino also appeared in other Italian films such as “L’avaro” (1990), “Una vita Scellerata” (1990), and “Le comiche 2” (1991), among others. In addition to acting, she was a television host in Italy in the 1990s.

Marisa Mondino husband Darío Grandinetti is Italian actor.
Marisa Mondino’s husband, Darío Grandinetti is an Italian actor. (Image Source: IMDB)

Mondino’s acting career spanned over two decades, during which she worked in various genres and projects.

There is limited information about the actress, as she has no official wikipedia page. 

That’s why many people are still unknown about basic information about her, which mainly includes on wikipedia page. 

While she has since retired from acting and has been mainly out of the public eye, her performances in Italian cinema have earned her a place in the history of Italian cinema.

Marisa Mondino Edad: How Old Is The Actress?

As per the IMDB page, she is currently 68 years old. Mondino was born on January 3, 1955, in Turin, Italy. 

Marisa Mondino has been entirely private about her personal life and has not recently shared much information or pictures of herself. Mondino is not very active on social media platforms.

While some public photos of her are available on various platforms, such as her IMDb page, there does not appear to be an active social media where she shares her personal life or updates.

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Marisa Mondino Family Details 

Marisa has been married to Italian actor Darío Grandinetti since 1995. The couple shares a daughter Laura Grandinetti born in 1996.

Laura began her career in acting at the age of 8 with the play “Ella en mi cabeza” and later studied at Julio Bocca’s school and with other renowned actors such as Hugo Midón and Julio Chávez.

In 2019, she received the Ace Award for Most Promising Actress for her role in the play “After the Dollhouse.”

Picture of daughter of actor Darío Grandinetti and model Marisa Mondino , Laura Grandinetti
Picture of the daughter of actor Darío Grandinetti and model Marisa Mondino, Laura Grandinetti. (Image Source: Parati)

Laura is known for keeping a low profile on social media, like her mother, and only shares artistic images. She preferred keeping her private life away from the public eye, citing the importance of intimacy.

Unlike her father, who now resides in Spain, she plans to continue living in Argentina. While Laura loves the theater, she is also interested in television and hopes to appear in a TV unit or continue acting in movies.

Aside from acting, Laura is also passionate about art and co-manages “Grúa,” a space for curating and managing art. She is an animal lover and owns a rescued puppy named “Limón.”

Laura has not been yet married, also she has preferred to keep her personal information private. 

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