Marius Mamaliga

Marius Mamaliga died after being hospitalized for almost a week. It was confirmed that he died at Beaumont Hospital on Sunday. 

Marius Mamaliga was attacked and stabbed in the neck in his car in Dublin. The news has spread worldwide; people have shared information on different social media platforms. 

The investigation is ongoing, and the Police department has been trying to collect more evidence than possible. 

People have been following the news since he was arrested and trying to follow up with the recent update. 

Read further to learn about the 19-year-old boy who died while getting medical attention for the injuries he faced after being stabbed on Sunday afternoon. 

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Marius Mamaliga, 19 Dies In Hospital- What Happened To Him?

The 19-year-old boy, identified as Marius Mamaliga, was fighting for his life in the hospital. He was stabbed in the neck in his car in Swords, north of Dublin, earlier in the week.

He was pronounced dead on February 26, 2023, at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

The boy was in very critical condition before he died. His injuries were too severe, and he could not survive.

Marius Mamaliga was left in a critical condition following the assault on Thursday night in Swords.
Marius Mamaliga was left in critical condition following the assault on Thursday night in Swords. (Image Source: RTE)

An autopsy is expected to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death; more investigation might reveal the reason behind his death as well. 

It was clear that his injuries took him away, but still, autopsy many cleared it out. His family has not come public yet and has been asking for privacy.

Mamaliga’s death has shocked and saddened the local community, and tributes have been pouring in on social media for the young man. 

The investigation is ongoing; people are curious to learn more about the boy and the suspect in the case.

Hopefully, the reason behind stabbing a 19-year-old boy who died on Sunday might get clear soon, as one arrest following the incident has been made. 

Marius Mamaliga Case Upadate 

The Irish Police, known as the Gardaí, have confirmed that they have charged a 20-year-old man, identified as Brandon Gavin, with assault under section four of the Non-Fatal Offences Act.

There has been unclear information about Brandon Gavin, so the Police department is still searching for more evidence. 

The primary suspect, Gavin, appeared in court Friday night before Judge Brian Smyth.

Gardai at the scene of a reported stabbing incident at Forest Court in Sowrds, north Dublin
Gardai at the scene of a reported stabbing incident at Forest Court in Swords. (Image Source: Irish Mirror)

Gavin was remanded in custody, with consent to a €51,000 bail, requiring a €25,000 lodgement.

The accused will appear again in Cloverhill District Court on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. 

It has been reported that Gavin has not made any point after he was charged or in his first hearing, so the information still needs to be clarified. 

Hopefully, the suspect might clear more reasons behind stabbing a 19-year-old boy. Police Department has been looking further into the relationship between the victim and Mr. Gavin.

After the hearing on March 1st, we might get a little clarity about the incident that took place on Febuary 23, 2023. 

The incident is still relatively recent, there is still much that is unknown, and more investigation needs to be done to understand better what occurred. 

The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to gather evidence as much as possible to piece together to ensure that justice is served.

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