Mark Golub Illness

People are searching for Mark Golub Illness, as the media entrepreneur has recently passed away.

Mark S. Golub was a rabbi, media entrepreneur, television personality, and educator from the United States. He founded the Jewish Broadcasting Service and RTN, the first Russian-language television channel produced in the United States.

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The Jewish Theological Seminary ordained him in New York, and he served as a rabbi in various congregations across the United States.

He has been committed to Jewish education and community outreach in his rabbinical career, inspiring countless people to deepen their connection to their faith and culture.

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Shalom TV founders Bradford Hammer and David Brugnone appointed Mark as president and CEO in 2005. Shalom TV debuted nationally on the Comcast cable system in 2008.

Mark Golub Illness Before Death: What Happened To Rabbi?

Mark S. Golub, a trailblazing Rabbi and Jewish media icon who founded the first national Jewish television network died on January 31 at New York City’s Weill Cornell Medical Center. He was 77 years old at the time.

According to an obituary distributed by the United Jewish Federation of Stamford, New Canaan, and Darien, Mark Golub, 77, died last week at Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan.

Mark Golub Illness
Mark Golub During An Interview (source: Jbstv)

His death was ruled out as a natural case. He didn’t have any severe illness at the time of his death.

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Rabbi Golub was the founding president, CEO, and Executive Producer of JBS (the Jewish Broadcasting Service), a 24/7 Jewish cable network that served 75 million households across the country, representing every central cable system. 

JBS is committed to strengthening Jewish identity, inspiring Jewish commitment, and fostering meaningful conversation to reach people of all religious denominations, affiliations, and observances. 

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, emeritus president of the Union for Reform Judaism, referred to JBS as a “treasure of the Jewish World” and credited Rabbi Golub with creating a space for “tough, insightful, in-depth, and always civil conversations that are exceedingly rare in the Jewish community.”

Was Mark Golub Married? Family Explored

Golub married his first wife, Maria Golub, in 1967. He married again in 1979, following their divorce. Golub has two children with his current wife, and his current wife has two children from a previous marriage.

Maria, a Jew, was born in Uman in October 1927. Her Father, Naum Dinavestky, was an accountant, and her mother, Anna Dinavestskaya, was a housewife. They had no Jewish traditions and spoke Russian in the family. They had two daughters, Maria and Sophia, born in 1915. 

Mark Golub Illness
Mark Golub On American Zionist Jew (source: Youtube)

In 1934, the entire family relocated to Kyiv. Maria attended school and completed six grades before the war. They did not have a wedding reception. They had a civil ceremony, and my mother prepared a festive dinner for our families. 

Sophia worked as a post office accountant, and Naum worked as a corporate accountant. Sophia’s son became ill during the evacuation and died. 

They returned to Kyiv in 1944. Pavel was a higher-ranking NKVD official. Maria enrolled in a preparatory course at the Institute of Civil Engineers and became a student there.

 She graduated from the Engineering Construction Institute’s Sanitary Engineering Faculty in 1949 and was assigned to the Volga-Don Channel construction site.

What Was Mark Golub Net Worth Before His Death?

According to a recent Forbes and business insider study, Mark Golub’s net worth is more than 8 million. Mark Golub’s overall profits continue to rise daily, and he is becoming more popular on the sidelines.

 Even though he liked working there and got along well with his coworkers, he yearned for a more challenging position. 

Even though he still has some distance to travel, he is well on his way. This person is now known to everyone on the planet. As a result, he achieved his career goal while reaching out to many people.

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