Mark Todd Brother

Mark Todd’s fame has piqued interest in his siblings and family. Who is his brother and where does he come from? Let’s find out.

Renowned equestrian Mark Todd, a New Zealand native, boasts an impressive athletic career with two Olympic gold medals and a bronze.

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Honored as the Rider of the 20th Century by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, Todd’s accomplishments are widely acknowledged.

While much is known about his illustrious career, little is discussed regarding his family. Delving into his roots, it’s discovered that Todd has siblings, adding a familial layer to his story.

This piece aims to unravel the enigma surrounding Mark Todd’s family background, shedding light on his lesser-known brother and sister.

As we uncover the familial ties, a more comprehensive picture emerges, offering insight into the life beyond the arena for this equestrian legend.

Mark Todd Brother And Sister – Who Are His Siblings?

Mark Todd’s family narrative goes beyond his equestrian triumphs, encompassing two siblings: a brother, Todd, and a sister, Theresa.

Todd found his place in the limelight as an actor, notably sharing the screen with Elizabeth Taylor in the 1976 film, The Blue Bird.

His foray into television included a role in a pilot episode of The Brady Bunch spin-off, Kelly’s Kids, although the series failed to secure network approval.

Mark Todd brother
Mark Todd’s family saga weaves complexity into his narrative, portraying the intersection of varied pursuits and a shared passion for equestrian endeavors in this tight-knit trio. (Image Source: Newshub)

Meanwhile, Theresa, less publicized than her brothers, has carved her niche in the equestrian world.

A horse trainer and breeder, she manages a stud farm in New Zealand alongside her husband, participating in national-level competitions in eventing and show jumping.

The Todd siblings share a tight bond, with Mark frequently visiting them in New Zealand.

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Crediting his brother and sister for unwavering support throughout his career, Mark acknowledges their influence in fueling his passion for horses.

The Todd family saga adds depth to Mark’s story, illustrating the convergence of diverse pursuits and shared love for equine pursuits within this close-knit trio.

Mark Todd Family: Ethnicity & Origin

Mark Todd was born on March 1, 1956 in Cambridge, New Zealand. His parents were Paul and Karen Lookinland, who were both teachers.

Paul was also a principal at a junior high school in California, where the family lived for a while when Mark was young.

Mark Todd’s ethnicity is mostly European, with some Maori ancestry on his mother’s side.

Mark Todd family
Sir Mark Todd warmly eulogized his father, fondly called ‘Toddy,’ extolling his virtues of kindness, generosity, fairness, honesty, and humor, in the presence of his beloved family. (Image Source:

His grandfather was an administrator at LDS Hospital in Utah, which indicates that he had some Mormon roots as well. Mark Todd grew up in a rural environment surrounded by animals and nature.

He developed an interest in horses at an early age and wanted to become a jockey, but he grew too tall for that.

He then switched to show jumping and later to eventing, which became his specialty. He represented New Zealand at six Olympic Games, winning gold in 1984 and 1988, bronze in 2000, and finishing fourth in 2012.

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He also won four Badminton Horse Trials titles and five Burghley Horse Trials titles, among many other achievements.

He retired from competitive riding in 2019, but he still remains active as a coach and mentor for young riders.

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