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Marley And Elijah Thomas were the two young boys who were found dead by their father. Their mother, Kara Alexander, has pleaded not guilty to murdering her two young sons.

Marley Thomas and Elijah Thomas were the two young kids who were found dead by their father. The dead body of the kids was found on the property on Cornwallis Road, Dagenham, on December 16, 2022.

The reports claim that Marley was 5 five years where and Elijah was two years old when the two innocents were found dead. 

Similalry, Kara Alexander has been charged with the murder of her son, but she denied two charges of murder before December 16. 

As per the updates, the two kids were last seen alive on the afternoon of December 15 before their father contacted the police the following day regarding their welfare. 

Similalry, the ambulance crews tried their best to save the kids, but both children were tragically enunciated dead at the crime scene. 

Who Are Marley And Elijah Thomas?

Marley Thomas and Elijah Thomas were the sons of Kara Alexander and Selvin Thomas. The brothers were found dead at their home in Dagenham, Essex, in December 2022. Marley was five years old, while Elijah was just two.

They were last seen alive on the afternoon of December 15, 2022, before their dad called the police the following day regarding their welfare.

Marley And Elijah thomas
Picture of Marley And Elijah Thomas and their parents. (Source: MSN)

Police and ambulance crews were called to the scene, and the two kids were announced dead. Furthermore, the defendant was allegedly discovered in a nearby garden and detained by police. 

Moreover, the case got recently into the limelight as the late brother’s mother pleaded not guilty to the murder.

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Kara Alexander Arrested For Murdering Her Child

Kara Alexander was arrested and charged over the deaths of her kids, Marley Thomas and Elijah Thomas. As mentioned above, the kids were last seen alive on the afternoon of December 15, 2022.

The next afternoon, police officers were called after the children’s dad became concerned for their welfare. The reported father, Selvin, forced entry to their home in Cornwallis Road, Dagenham, and found the boys dead.

Kara Alexander
Kara Alexander, the mother of two young kids, denies murdering her sons. (Source: Mirror)

On Thursday, Kara appeared at the Old Bailey for a plea hearing before Judge Richard Marks KC. However, she denied two charges of murder. Furthermore, Alexander is in custody and is due to stand trial at the Old Bailey on July 10.

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Apart from that, the judge set a further pre-trial hearing for May 18. So, more details will be given after more news regarding the murder case will get updated.

Who Is Marley And Elijah Thomas Father?

Selvin Thomas is the father of Marley and Elijah Thomas. According to a report, Kara may have smothered or drowned her kids.

When the kids’ father, Selvin, knew about the incident, he was devasted and took to Facebook to pay tribute to his loved sons.

Marley And Elijah thomas
Marley And Elijah Thomas were discovered dead in Dagenham on 16 December. (Source: BBC)

While making a post on Facebook, Selvin said that his world had gone dark. Furthermore, the case is now ongoing, and the Thomas family will surely get justice. 

Kara and Selvin kept their married details away from the media. Due to that, we are unable to say when they tied the knot. Keep visiting us to get more news about this tragedy.

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