Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has never had plastic surgery. However, the 81-year-old beauty supplements her skincare routine with non- or minimally invasive” procedures with the help of her dermatologists.

Martha Stewart is a retail businesswoman, writer, and television personality from America.

She developed Martha Stewart; Living Omnimedia and became successful in several businesses, including publishing, television, merchandising, and online shopping.

The New Jersey native is the publisher of the Martha Stewart Living magazine, the author of multiple best-selling books, and the host of the syndicated television shows Martha (from 2005 to 2012) and Martha Stewart Living (from 1993 to 2004).

The 81-year-old celebrity has maintained a youthful look throughout her career. For some people, her continued glow has raised suspicions about plastic surgery.

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Did Martha Stewart Get A Facelift Surgery? Before And After Photos

In an interview with the New York Times in April 2022, Martha Stewart disclosed that she had never had plastic surgery. She claimed no knife touched her face, neck, or back.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart has never done plastic surgery but uses various other procedures to maintain her youthful glow. (Image Source: Facebook)

As her hairstylist put it, the television personality never had time off to let a face-life heal.

However, in the past, the beautiful lady admitted that she had had Botox and Juvederm treatment. According to the author, her dog bashed her lip and split it open. At that time, she got a Juvederm filter.

Furthermore, she didn’t hide the fact that she supplements her skincare routine with what one of her New York City dermatologists, Dr. Daniel Belkin, refers to as “non- or minimally invasive” procedures.

The dermatologist claimed that the procedure includes the strategy to inject her “twice a year” “thoughtfully and conservatively.”

Thus, the fashion icon uses fillers to volumize her face, lasers to reduce discoloration, and micro-focused ultrasound and radio-frequency for “lifting, tightening, and plumping” delicate areas like the brows and beneath the chin.

Secret Of Martha Stewart’s Beautiful Pout

If you’re familiar with Stewart’s sensual thirst trap photographs, you already know how well she pouts on social media. Dr. Belkin elaborated that to make lips look beautiful, he adds “a soft hyaluronic acid, more for hydration than plumping.”

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, Ms. Stewart’s other dermatologist, creates a holistically based, CBD-infused moisturizing serum, relaxing mist, and night cream for her.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart’s dermatologist uses soft hydrochloric acid not for plumping but for hydrating her lip. (Image Source: Instagram)

Ms. Stewart and Dr. Bhanusali are creating comparable CBD topicals for consumers. These will be in addition to a line of medicinal lotions she currently has with the marijuana Company Canopy Growth for muscle rehabilitation, sleep, and stress.

Stewart’s flawless skin has led to the common belief that the Clé de Peau movies were altered using filters or appearance-enhancing software for photos and videos.

Not so, she said, claiming that neither her private life nor the TikTok videos contained any filtering.

Martha Stewart Is A Beauty Influencer

Martha Stewart is a beauty influencer. Though the lifestyle expert certainly never anticipated it, she bravely embraced it in the eighties.

The gorgeous lady has developed into a beauty influencer in the wild world of TikTok and is leaning toward her brand ambassadorship with the Japanese Company Clé de Peau.

The most incredible thing about Stewart utilizing her power is that it highlights how the beauty industry extends a broader welcome to generations other than Gen Z and Millennials.

Openly and endearingly, Stewart cheerfully leads the way as they embrace Boomers.

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