Martin Duffy Obituary

People want to know about Martin Duffy obituary. Martin, the keyboardist for Primal Scream, was killed unexpectedly at age 55.

Duffy began his career as a member of the indie pop group Felt after being born in Birmingham in May 1967.

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Before joining The Charlatans in 1996, when original keyboardist Rob Collins passed away, he played on the first two Primal Scream albums.

In addition, Duffy provided the keys for songs by Beth Orton, The Chemical Brothers, and Oasis.

The Charlatans’ frontman Burgess tweeted: “Another awful loss of a great soul.

“Martin Duffy, who played with us at Knebworth and was a great friend, came in to save The Charlatans after we lost Rob.

He also traveled with me with my solo band; he was fun to be around. Have a safe trip, Duffy.

Martin Duffy Obituary: How Did English Keyboard Player Die?

The keyboard Martin Duffy passed away in December 2022. Duffy, a native of Birmingham, started playing music when he was a young adult. He first contributed part-time keyboard work for Primal Scream before joining the group full-time.

Duffy spent thirty years with the group and made a surprise appearance alongside Jehnny Beth of the Savages on Bobby Gillespie’s album Utopian Ashes in 2020.

Martin Duffy Obituary
Primal Scream Keyboardist Martin Duffy died. (Source: GH Gossip)

A former bandmate of Duffy’s in The Charlatans, Tim Burgess, tweeted a confirmation of the information with the following message:

“Another precious soul was tragically lost. When we lost Rob, Martin Duffy, who had played with us at Knebworth, came in to save the Charlatans.

***** Cause of Martin Duffy Revealed

Sadly, at the age of 55, keyboardist for Primal Scream Martin Duffy passed away.

The passing of Duffy was reported on December 20, 2022. However, Duffy’s cause of ***** has not yet been made public.

Duffy, a native of Birmingham, joined the unsigned band Felt when he was 16 years old. The band later inked a record deal with Creation Records.

Martin Duffy Obituary
Martin Duffy passed away at the age of 55. (Source: Dignity Memorial)

Neither Primal Scream nor Duffy’s family has made an official statement regarding Duffy’s passing. Tim Burgess, the Leader of the Charlatans, was told of Duffy’s *****.

Tim Burgess, a former bandmate of Martin Duffy’s in the Charlatans, claims that Martin Duffy, who played keyboards for Primal Scream and Felt, passed away at the age of 55.

Tim Burgess, the lead singer of the Charlatans, paid tribute to his friend on Twitter, calling him a “wonderful person.”

In 1993, while Duffy and the band were in New York City, he was almost fatally stabbed.

Martin Duffy Career Journey

Duffy began playing the keyboard for Felt in 1985 and later joined the group as one of its founding members.

Later on, Lawrence, the lead singer of Felt, recalled, “I placed posters at Virgin in Birmingham asking, “Do You Want To Be A Rock’ N’ Roll Star?”

I had already placed two when this lady came up and said, “I know this piano player.” He’s 16. He just graduated from high school.

Martin Duffy Obituary
Martin was an English keyboardist who originally played in Felt and most recently played with Primal Scream. (Source: Legacy)

After Felt split up at the end of 1989, he performed keyboards on Primal Scream’s first two albums and then joined the group permanently.

Duffy began playing the keyboard for Felt in 1985 and later joined the group as one of its founding members.

Till the band’s dissolution in 1989, when Lawrence claimed he had met his objective of releasing ten singles and ten albums in 10 years, Duffy remained a member of the group.

Primal Scream’s first two albums, Sonic Flower Groove (1987) and Primal Scream (1989) featured Duffy’s contributions; by the year’s end, he joined the band as a full-time member.

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