Martin Akinola

The Love Island contestant Martin looks like Dami Hope, the season 8 Islander. Is Martin related to Dami? As fans are arguing, them to be real siblings. 

Martin is 27 years old senior software engineer from Dublin. He is one of the Islanders appearing in the new season of Love Island. 

Similarly, the show has again returned with six new boys joining the girls in the second villa. Martin Akinola’s appearance has shocked the viewers and contestants as he is much similar to the Love Island 2022 star, Dami Hope. 

The comment section of the official page of Love Island is full of fans commenting on Martin’s resemblance to 2022 Islander Dami Hope. 

Martin got more lime might than the other version of Dami, as fans couldn’t unseen him as the 2022 star. His dashing looks and style amazed the fans and the contestant on the show.

Similarly, Martin is all set to shake up the villa, and he has already created a huge headline for having a similar look to Hope, who is also rumored to be his sibling.

Love Island: Is Martin Related To Dami? Are They, Brother

The very new season of Love Island is finally back with its new season, and the excitement of the fans is at the next level this year as something spicy will be seen. 

Six single boys will appear in the show, including Martin Akinola. Martin is a handsome hunk from Dublin who has appeared in the show and has gathered all the limelight for being the double gainer of the former Island contestant, Dami. 

Therefore the fans speculated Martin is related to Dami as the comment section of Martin’s IG handle and LoveIsland page is flooded with the same question. 

Martin Akinola is quite similar to Dami Hope. (Source: Instagram)

Martin is not related to Dami, and they don’t have any blood relation. However, the sources claimed that the pair are friends. 

Likewise, Dami gave Martin some brotherly advice before entering the villa. As Martin shared,” “He said, ‘Do your thing, be yourself, and everyone else will get to know you and see why we’re friends.”

It’s not just Dami, who knows Martin from season 8, as Andrew and Ikenna also follow Martin on Instagram and were commenting under the Love Island Casa Amor reveal post.

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Are Martin And Dami Brother- Family Tree

As mentioned earlier, Martin and Dami are not brothers; however, the duo shares a bond of good friends. Their looks are similar, making their fans assume that television stars are siblings. 

While talking about their family tree, they come from a different family. However, Martin is yet to reveal his family details on web sources. 

Dami Hope
Dami Hope’s siblings. (Source: Sunday World)

On the other hand, The Irish Love Island’s Star, Dami, was born in Nigeria as Adedamola Adegbefan. He later moved to Ireland with his family at the age of five in 2021. 

His parents raised Hope in New Ross. He moved to Dublin around 2016. His parents are Bukola and Babajide, and Hope has five siblings, four sisters and one brother. 

Martin Net Worth As Of 2023

Professionally, Martin is a software engineer and a television personality. He works as a senior cloud software engineer at Yellowbrick Data in London. 

So, his net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be more than $1 million. Similarly, his annual average salary is calculated to be £85,000. 

Martin Akinola shares a picture of him enjoying his vacation. (source: Instagram)

The reality Tv star maintains a high profile and lives a lavish life. He often shares his picture on his Instagram handle, where he is active under the username @mart1n.jr. 

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