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Many fans are curious to learn about Martin Short Sexuality; a few wonders about his Ex-Wife And Kids. Some see the funny comedian as gay, but he’s not. 

Short rose to fame as one of the energetic comedic players thanks to his career in film and television over the last few decades.

He is a famous Canadian Actor, TV/ Film producer, Presenter, Voice Actor, and Screenwriter. The multi-talented comedy artist hosted Saturday Night Live in 1984. 

Also, Short has worked in several films, including Father of the Bride, Mars Attack!, Three Amigos, and more. 

He is now shifting your curiosity towards his gender preference and former wife. Who is his ex-wife? Let’s find out.

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Martin Short Sexuality: No, He Is Not Gay

Some fans are curious about Martin Short’s sexuality and gender preference. Speaking of his sexuality, Short is straight. No, he is not gay.

The comedic Actor was married to the late Nancy Dolman. Saying Short has a straight sexual orientation and is not homo at all. 

Martin Short late wife Nancy Dolman
Martin Short’s late wife, Nancy Dolman, died battling Cancer. (Source: US Weekly)

Martin has never identified himself as gay in any of his interviews. However, he never necessarily made his preferences clear.

But that doesn’t mean Short is gay, as his lifestyle and marriage have never hinted otherwise.

His film roles might have misled fans to speculate whether Short may be bisexual. Yes, the Actor’s perfection as a bi role convinced the viewers to think otherwise, but in real life, he is straight.

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Meet Martin Short’s Ex-Wife And Kids

Comic Actor Martin Short is dating no one as of this writing. Short must be deeply in love with his late wife, Nancy Dolman, as he has been living life as her widower.

It seems like the presenter is more dedicated to his professional career now.

Short tied the knot with Nancy on 22 December 1980. He first met Gilda’s understudy in 1974, and they started dating. 

The former couple was together for more than three decades until 2010.

Sadly, Nancy was together with her husband until death separated them. Martin’s wife Nancy passed away in August 2010 due to complications of Ovarian Cancer. 

The lovely former pair adopted three kids together, a daughter and two sons. His son Oliver was born in 1986, Henry in 1989, and his only daughter Katherine in 1983. 

Moreover, Martin is enjoying his life as a grandad. He first became a grandparent in 2020. 

Net Worth Of Martin Short

Canadian Actor and comedian Martin Short’s net worth is $50 million as of September 2023.

Martin Short net worth
Actor Martin Short in the 1994 film Clifford. (Source: Vulture)

Even though the Actor seems hesitant regarding his wealth, we have cracked down on this matter. The Hamilton-born comedian made most of his fortune through his appearance in successful comedy films. 

Over the years, Short has established himself as an energetic Actor having a unique taste in comedy.

While working as a writer and performer on SCTV, a sketch comedy show, Short had a huge per-episode paycheque. He worked in the show from 1981 to 1984. 

Moreover, Martin made his way through the most popular show Saturday Night Live. Short’s salary from SNL in 1984 could have been tremendous as the show was loved by many.

Yes, Father of the Bride Actor loves to invest in real estate, as he purchased a whopping $1.1 million in 2014 for a 1,700 sq ft home in LA. His House is located in the Beachwood Canyon area. 

Also, he bought a beautiful cottage on Lake Rosseau in Ontario. With that figure of loaded cash, he could purchase many estates in the country. 

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