Mary Peltola Net Worth

Explore the prominent American politician and former tribal judge Mary Peltola net worth, earning sources, and career detail.

Mary Peltola is a U.S. representative from Alaska. She is the first Alaska native, a woman, and a person born in Alaska to serve in the House of Representatives.

The politician is also the only Democrat holding statewide office in Alaska as of now. The former tribal judge is a member of the Democratic Party and the co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition.

She was elected in a special election in September 2022 to succeed Don Young, who died in March of that year. She was reelected to a full term in November 2022.

With her career spanning a few decades, the Alaska native has accomplished significant success in her career.

As the U.S. representative continues to dedicate herself to the community’s well-being, many people wonder about her net worth and earning sources.

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Mary Peltola Net Worth 2023: Career Earning and Endorsement

While the precise amount of Mary Peltola net worth has not been made public, considering her long and illustrious career as a tribal judge and U.S. representative, we assume that her riches are considerable.

Mary Peltola Net Worth
Mary Peltola must have earned considerable riches throughout her career. (Image Source: Jackson Progress -Argus)

Many online sources have reported that the politician’s fortune is around $1 to $4 million. However, there is no credible source to back up this claim.

In September 2022, Market Realist reported that Mary Peltola’s net worth was modest, and it is much lower than Sarah Palin’s net worth.

The publication reported that Peltola’s fortune was $200K. Moreover, Peltola’s primary earning source is her job as a U.S. representative.

ZipRecruiter reported that the average annual salary of an individual serving as a Representative in the United States is $47,959.

Furthermore, Mary previously held positions as an Alaska House of Representatives member and the Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission executive director.

She also worked as a judge on the tribal court of the Orutsararmiut Native Council. Thus, her earnings from these positions must also have benefited her net worth.

Mary Peltola Hails From Anchorage, Alaska

Mary Peltola is a U.S. representative from Alaska with a diverse background and experience in politics, law, and environmental issues.

The prominent politician was born in Anchorage, Alaska, on 31 August 1973.

Mary Peltola Net Worth
Mary Peltola’s beloved husband, Eugene “Gene” Peltola Jr., died recently in a plane crash. (Image Source: Market Realist)

The Alaska native was welcomed by her German-American father and a Yup’ik mother. Her Yup’ik name is Akalleq, meaning the one who rolled.

The former tribal judge grew up in various communities along the Kuskokwim River, where she learned to fish commercially with her father and to speak Yup’ik fluently.

Mary attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and studied fisheries and wildlife biology.

She worked as a technician for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The U.S. Representative from Alaska ventured into politics at the age of 24, after she got into the Alaska House of Representatives in 1998.

She represented the Bethel region for ten years, focusing on health care, energy, education, and rural development.

After leaving the legislature in 2009, she worked as a community development and sustainability manager for the Donlin gold mine project.

Later, she became the executive director of the Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, which advocated for the rights and interests of 118 tribes and rural Alaskans in managing the salmon resources of the river.

As mentioned above, the politician also served as a judge on a tribal court, which handled cases involving family law, domestic violence, child welfare, and tribal sovereignty.

After winning a special election, Mary Peltola became the House of Representatives in September 2022.

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