Masseo Iascia

People are curious to know more about Masseo Iascia, who has been a great streamer on various streaming platforms. 

Italian Twitch streamer and gaming influencer ilMasseo has received numerous criticisms for his frequent use of profanity, which led to a temporary ban from the Twitch site. FIFA, For Honor, Battlefield, Destiny 2, Call of Duty, GTA, Fortnite, and most recently, Fall Guys and Among Us are all broadcast by ilMasseo.

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Because he is currently one of the uncontested stars of YouTube and Twitch Italia, very few people genuinely don’t know who he is. In reality, over the past year, his viewership has multiplied immensely, in large part because so many of his films wound up on TikTok and turned into hugely successful audios.

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Do we recall anyone? For instance, one of his YouTube videos contains the well-known phrase, “this crocodile is a war machine.” But do you genuinely want to get to know him?

How Old Is Twitch Streamer Masseo Iascia?  Wikipedia And Age Explored 

The well-known YouTuber was born on November 9, 1994, in Dolo, a town in the province of Venice. He has since migrated and is now a resident of Switzerland.

Consequently, by performing specific calculations, we can conclude that he is about 29 years old and that he was born under the sign of Scorpio.

He developed a love of video games at a young age, which inspired him to start his Twitch and YouTube channels.

He did not, however, have a sizable audience at first. But later, by connecting with other well-known streamers and YouTubers, he gained popularity and rose to second place in the Twitch Italia list, where he currently sits at number six.

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IlMasseo, which boasts two-year earnings of more than half a million dollars, is in the fourth and fifth spots in this rating, which includes all of Italy.

Masseo Iascia Family Details 

Masseo has kept his family details out of the internet, as his parents might not want to come in front of the world.

The streamer’s date of birth and where he was born are given, but no information about his parents or siblings. 

IlMasseo began his journey on Twitch and YouTube in 2014, but he only started making videos in 2016. It was first unknown, but it became increasingly scrutinized over time.

Masseo Iascia
Masseo Streaming On Twitch (Source: YouTube)

Its enormous popularity only started to take off in 2018. He is also well known for frequently yelling and using derogatory words.

Although ilMasseo is best known for using Twitch, YouTube is seeing an increase in views and subscribers.

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The frequent use of profanity and loud cries in ilMasseo has drawn controversy and criticism.

Due to his actions, he was temporarily banned from the Twitch site. Additionally, he used various things to strike the desk or pat it with his hands.

Who Is Masseo Iascia On Twitch?

Behind only unreachable Pow3r, IlMasseo, real name Edoardo Magro, is Italy’s second most popular streamer.

Edoardo, born on November 9, 1994, in Dolo (Venice) and currently resides in Switzerland, has always loved video games.

Growing up, he was passionate about games like Fall Guys and Among Us and FIFA, For Honor, Battlefield, Destiny 2, Call of Duty, GTA, and Fortnite.

Masseo Iascia
Masseo Taking Picture With A Huge Amount Of People (Source: Instagram)

On February 1, 2014, Edoardo registered for Twitch, then on August 22, 2014, for YouTube. But the first video he uploaded is from October 1, 2016 (unless he made the earlier ones secret). Masseo initially needs to achieve the success he deserves. On camera, he states:

“I uploaded roughly thirty movies between October 2016 and March 2017 without any noticeable results. I never wavered from my 69-subscriber stance. While waiting for someone to get past me, Spawn helped me by offering advice on improving the channel.”

He added, “ParroTutorial, an IT professional who told me I could run a web campaign to sponsor my channel, will arrive in March. Ten thousand of you have come in a little more than two weeks. Results at the stratosphere.”

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