Matt Blas Found

Matt Blas missing case has a new update, saying that the Florida person was found alive. Here are more details about the missing man.

Matt Blas is a man from Florida who is reported to be the singer of a punk rock band named StraightJacket. The band includes other members named Brett Ackling, Joe Dwyer, Andy Johnson, and Johnny Honeycutt.

Blas is doing well in his career as, from his social media handle, he has shared various moments with his band performing in different stages.

Apart from that, Blas is a family man who has a close-knit bond with many people. His name has been making rounds on the internet for the past few days.

All of this started when the news of Matt’s missing case was shared. With that, people are eager to know more about Blas, which has been covered in today’s writing.

Matt Blas Missing Case Explained

Matt Blas missing case left many of his close ones worried. The news of his vanishment was first shared on Facebook by his close ones.

Reportedly, Blas went missing on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. He went missing on the night time. It was said that an official missing persons report was filed and was active in Marin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County.

Blas was last seen in Lake Worth, Florida, in his charcoal gray Toyota Tacoma license plate PVJY11. After the news was posted on Facebook, everyone was shocked, and they started sharing it on other platforms, too.

Matt Blas Missing Case
Matt Blas went missing on August 23, 2023, and he was last seen driving his charcoal gray Toyota Tacoma license plate PVJY11. ( Source: Facebook )

Many people showed support to Blas and his family to help them locate their beloved member. A close person to Blas shared a post on Facebook writing,

“Our buddy Matt Blas has been missing since Wednesday. His last location was Sneakers in Lake Worth. If anyone has any info as to his whereabouts, please inbox information. Thank you.”

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Matt Blas Missing Case Update: The Florida Person Has Been Found

The recent missing case update of Matt Blas shows that he has been found alive. A person on Facebook said that people were not aware of Blas’ condition, but it was reported that he was found alive.

A person on Facebook who is close to the Blas family said, “Matt has been found. When we have more information than that, I will share it. I promise. Thank you guys so much. Please keep him in your prayers.”

Matt Blas Missing Update
Matt Blas missing update shows that he has been found alive. ( Source: Facebook )

No further details about Blas has been given. It also remains unclear whether he was injured or not. Not only that, but the facts about his banishment remain under review.

Online users are asking many questions about where he had gone. As of now, the family appears to be seeking privacy, and they may give some updates soon.

Matt Blas Is A Singer Of StraightJacket

As said earlier, Matt Blas is a singer who serves as the vocalist of a band named StraightJacket. The band has decent followers, and they perform in clubs and other stages, too.

Furthermore, StraightJacket has a Facebook account from where they give updates about their upcoming performances and venues.

Matt Blas Singer
Matt Blas is a singer who serves as the vocalist of StraightJacket. ( Source: Facebook )

Not to mention, Brett Ackling is the drummer, Johnny Honeycutt is the bassist, and Joe Dwyer and Andy Johnson are guitarists.

Their images can be found on their respective social media handles. Furthermore, Matt has now been found alive, and Genius Celebs will also give more updates soon.

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