Matthew Mcgreevy

Matthew Mcgreevy is a former office runner, and his fame skyrocketed after being linked with British TV presenter Phillip Schofield. Here is what we know about Matthew Mcgreevy parents and family details. 

Matthew Mcgreevy is a former office runner, and he gained much fame after he was linked in a controversial romance with prominent television presenter Phillip Schofield. 

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Further, Mcgreevy is currently out of sight from social media, and many people are wondering where he is now. 

Matthew Mcgreevy Parents And Family

Matthew Mcgreevy’s parents have stayed away from the limelight. Due to less information on the internet, the names of Mcgreevy’s father and mother can’t be mentioned. 

As said earlier, Mcgreevy became media prominence after a controversial romance with Phillip Schofield. Apart from that, more details about Schofield’s family members are still to be added.

Matthew Mcgreevy Parents
Matthew Mcgreevy with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Likewise, none of the official sources have shared the info on whether Matthew has siblings or not. He has always maintained huge privacy and doesn’t talk about his personal matters with the media. 

Additionally, the former runner doesn’t have any official social media handles. So, it becomes more challenging to know about his family background. 

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Is The Office Runner Matthew Mcgreevy Missing?

Matthew Mcgreevy has stayed away from the media for a long time, so people are asking about his current status. 

In 2014, Manchester Evening News shared an article saying that Mcgreevy lived in Hyde. Matthew faced a huge backlash on the internet when he was involved in the controversy. 

Since then, Mcgreevy has kept himself and hasn’t appeared on television too. So, it is believed that Mcgreevy may be under the radar for some time. 

Because of his low-key presence, everyone on the internet has asked whether Matthew is missing. However, there is no such news about him. Also, it remains a mystery what Mcgreevy is currently doing. 

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Matthew Mcgreevy And Phillip Schofield Relationship

The relationship between Matthew Mcgreevy and Phillip Schofield gained huge media attention as they were said to be having a secret affair. 

Apart from that, Mcgreevy was said to have had a close working relationship with Phillip. But after they had a bust-up, Matthew left This Morning to work on a rival ITV show named Loose Women. 

After that, ITV also reported that Matthew was promoted, but another staff was reported to be confused about the move. 

Matthew Mcgreevy
Photo of Matthew Mcgreevy and Phillip Schofield before Matthew went on an ITV show named Loose Women. (Source: BitChute)

Reportedly, many people talked about Phillip when Matthew left the show. A person said many of them were familiar with Phillip’s sexuality for a few years. 

According to a source, Phillip’s sexuality was secret, and it wasn’t made public, but it was known inside the team. Likewise, Schofield used to take younger gay guys under his wing and mentor them. 

During that time, Matthew was also the one who was dealing with his sexuality, so Phillip came as a mentor to him. From there, their relationship rumors started. 

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