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Matthew Perry Depression rumours have been rampant. Find out whether or not the late comedian and actor had any mental health problems.

Matthew Perry, the renowned American-Canadian actor, comedian, and producer, is no longer with us. He died on 28 October 2023, sending shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry.

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Known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the sitcom “Friends,” The Williamstown native enjoyed a glorious career in both television and film.

His versatility was evident as he wrote and starred in the play “The End of Longing” and penned the memoir “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

Amid the mourning for his untimely passing, questions about his personal life have emerged. Today’s article is about the truth about Matthew Perry’s depression rumors and clarifies misconceptions about a supposed “drowning disease.”

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Was Matthew Perry Depression Rumors True? Mental Health

Matthew Perry indeed battled depression for a long time, a struggle exacerbated by his battles with alcohol and drug addiction.

Matthew Perry Gay
The renowned comedian and actor Matthew Perry suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, which worsened his mental health. (Image Source: TMZ)

The late comedian openly acknowledged that he couldn’t comprehend the depression and anxiety that haunted him.

The press coverage, Perry noted, played a pivotal role in his path to recovery.

In his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” he candidly wrote about his experiences with depression and addiction, shedding light on the inner turmoil that haunted him.

He had a long and difficult struggle with both mental health and substance abuse issues.

The actor admitted that he was addicted to Vicodin, a painkiller and that he took up to 55 pills a day at one point.

He also revealed that his addiction was a secret and that he was hiding it from everybody, including his “Friends” co-stars. Moreover, Matthew said that he did not remember filming three seasons of Friends because of his drug use.

However, the Friends star overcame the struggle and had been sober for years.

Did Matthew Perry Have Drowning Disease?

It’s important to clarify that Matthew Perry did not have “drowning disease.” This term is not a recognized medical condition but is sometimes informally used to describe dry drowning or secondary drowning.

These conditions occur when a small amount of water enters the lungs during a near-drowning incident, causing inflammation or infection. Symptoms may manifest hours or even days after the water exposure.

Matthew Perry Illness
Matthew Perry is suspected to have drowned in his pool. (Image Source: Digital Spy)

However, Matthew Perry’s tragic passing had no connection to dry drowning or secondary drowning.

Instead, he is suspected to have drowned in his pool under circumstances that remain unknown. There were no signs of dry or secondary drowning before his untimely *****.

In stark contrast to these medical conditions, Matthew Perry was found dead by an assistant at a Los Angeles home, and early reports suggested that he had drowned.

The actor was 54 years old at the time of his passing. The exact details surrounding the incident are yet to be fully disclosed, but it is clear that the term “drowning disease” is unrelated to the circumstances of his demise.

In conclusion, the passing of Matthew Perry has left a void in the entertainment world, prompting reflection on his remarkable career and personal struggles.

Rumors about his battle with depression have been confirmed, as he openly discussed his mental health issues and the role of media scrutiny in his recovery.

It’s crucial to distinguish between this genuine concern and the misconceptions related to a so-called “drowning disease.” Perry’s unfortunate drowning incident had no connection to the medical conditions mentioned earlier, and the circumstances surrounding his passing are still being investigated.

In this time of remembrance, it’s essential to remember the legacy he left in the world of entertainment and the importance of addressing mental health challenges with empathy and understanding.

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