Matthew Podolak obituary

Holly McFeeture brutally murdered her fiancée Matthew Podolak. This article contains his obituary and murder details.

A recent episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered revisited Matt Podolak’s death from antifreeze poisoning. It was slowly fed to him by his then-fiancée and now a convicted murderer, Holly McFeeture.

The Manner of Death episode aired on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, on Oxygen.

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Dateline: Holly McFeeture Murder Her Fiance

Holly McFeeture, a woman from Ohio, was found guilty of poisoning her fiancé with antifreeze. In 2013, she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years.

She added antifreeze to the raspberry iced tea of Matthew Podolak over several days or even weeks. He used to have the drink regularly, prosecutors said. 

McFeeture was only arrested in 2012 after one of her ex-boyfriends tipped Police about possible involvement in Podolak’s death.

Jamison Kennedy, an ex-con, dated McFeeture after Podolak’s death and testified in court that she had admitted to poisoning Podolak.

He told Police in 2008 that she ‘put something in [his] drinks and wanted to stop, but his kidneys were already failing.’

It would take two years before then-County Coroner Frank Miller changed the case of Podolak’s death from undetermined to homicide and two additional years before McFeeture was charged with aggravated murder and contaminating a substance for human use.

Holly Mcfeeture mugshot
Mugshot of Holly McFeeture. (Source: ABC News)

The defense claimed that Podolak was depressed and committed suicide by poisoning himself.

However, the pathologist determined that Podolak died of chronic ingestion of ethylene glycol ingested over some time. reported that Dr. Dan Galita testified that damage to his heart indicated intoxication over several weeks. 

Furthermore, doctor’s records showed that Podolak suffered from severe back pain up to three months before his death, a symptom likely related to the poison.

The prosecutors pointed out that if Podolak wanted to commit suicide, he would take one large dose of poison rather than slowly poison himself.

Ethylene glycol, found in antifreeze, is sweet and difficult to detect, making it the poisoner’s weapon of choice. It gives rise to symptoms that can easily be mistaken for other illnesses. 

The poison accumulates in the body and damages the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys. Kidney failure causes death if proper medical attention is not sought.

Holly McFeeture was the mother of three, who shared two kids with her slain fiancé and had one eight-year-old from her previous relationship.

Matthew Podolak Obituary – He Is Survived By His Daughters And Family

Matthew P. Podolak, 31, died one day in 2006 after visiting the doctor for lower back pain and getting treated for kidney stones.

His obituary mentions that he was the loving Father of Samantha and Joshua and the dearest son of Leonard Podolak and Patricia Romano (nee Ciliberto).

The obituary, written immediately after his death, mentions Holly McFeeture as his fiancée and Michaela as his stepdaughter.

Matt and Holly dateline
A picture of Matthew Podolak and Holly McFeeture. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Likewise, it notes that he is also survived by his brothers, nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends.

Matthew Podolak was a Navy veteran and lived with Holly McFeeture in a two-story home on Archmere Ave in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland.

Witnesses shared with the jury that Podolak was a fun-loving person who loved his kids and fiancée and rarely drank.

ABC reported that family and friends were concerned about Podolak and McFeeture’s volatile relationship and suggested he change the beneficiary of his life insurance policy to his Father.

Podolak refused to do so, and McFeeture collected his life insurance policy and 401K upon his death. She did not contribute to any of the costs of his funeral.

Matthew’s brother, Mark Podolak, told after McFeeture’s arrest in 2012 that the family had long suspected her involvement in Matthew’s death. “She just wasn’t acting like somebody who was losing or about to lose a loved one,” he pointed out.

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