Christian Garcia

Mauricio Garcia Brother Christian Garcia reportedly has several criminal records. Find out more about him in today’s writing.

Christian Garcia is the brother of Mauricio Garcia, the alleged Texas Mall shooter who shot and killed eight people and injured seven others. He opened Fire outside a shopping mall in Allen, Texas.

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Reportedly, Mauricio may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs, people acquainted with the investigation said Sunday. 

Furthermore, the shooter was shot by a Police officer who was at Allen Premium Outlets in Dallas on an unrelated call. 

According to his parents’ neighbors, Mauricio wore a security guard uniform while leaving and coming back home. Following the ********, his brother’s name is also in the spotlight.

Dallas Mall ********: Who Is Christian Garcia, Mauricio Garcia Brother?

Christian Garcia is the brother of Mauricio Garcia. According to a report by Fox News, Mauricio’s brother Christian has several criminal records.

Some of his criminal records include burglary of a habitation and public intoxication. Following the recent ******** that was opened by Mauricio, everyone has been asking questions about his brother.

Mauricio Garcia Brother
Everyone on social media is talking about Mauricio Garcia’s brother Christian Garcia. ( Source: Twitter )

Furthermore, people were also confused online, thinking that Christian may be the shooter that recently opened a mass ******** in the Texas Mall. 

Twitter users asked multiple questions, and one of them made the queries clear, writing, “Christian Garcia is the brother. The shooter/murderer was Mauricio Garcia.”

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Christian Garcia Wikipedia and Age 

Christian Garcia is the brother of the Texas Mall shooter. There are no details regarding his early life and birth, so his actual age can’t be shared.

Furthermore, Christian may be in the range of 30 as his brother Mauricio was 33 years old at the time of his *****. According to a Twitter user registered as @Opheliacrime, Mauricio had three brothers but kept them away from the public.

From that, it can be said that Christian Garcia is one of them. In the same way, the info about the Garcia siblings’ profession remains unknown.

Christian Garcia Wiki
Christian Garcia has some criminal records, including burglary of a habitation and public intoxication. ( Source: Twitter )

Furthermore, their parents have a home in East Dallas, east of White Rock Lake. All the siblings may have lived separately, as there are no details about it. 

As we know, Mauricio lived with his parents but recently moved out of their home. It is reported that their parents also didn’t know much about Mauricio’s condition.

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Where Is Mauricio Garcia Brother Christian Garcia?

As mentioned earlier, Christian Garcia has some criminal records, including burglary of a habitation and public intoxication.

So, there are no recent updates regarding Christian, but from his criminal records, it can be said that he may be serving his time in jail. However, it has not been confirmed.

mauricio garcia
Christian Garcia’s brother Mauricio Garcia shot and killed eight people and injured seven. ( Source: Facebook )

Christian’s address is listed as that of Mauricio’s per the records obtained. Following the mass ******** in Texas Mall, multiple speculations have risen regarding Mauricio’s family.

People have shared their thoughts regarding this matter, but some of them have requested not to circulate the false news without any facts. 

As we are trying to get more info about Mauricio’s life, we will keep you updated. So, you can keep exploring Genius Celebs for more news. 

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