Mauricio Garcia Death

Mauricio Garcia *****: Mauricio Garcia was a heavily armed gunman from Dallas who was shot by a police official as he was found killing eight people at a Texas Mall mass ********. 

Mauricio Garcia was an American guy who was in his early 30s. Garcia was serving as a security agent, and his name is recently in the limelight because of the recent mass ******** which he fired in Texas Mall.

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Garcia fatally killed eight individuals and almost seven people were severely injured before being killed at a Texas mall by police. In addition, he had a clean record and, as mentioned earlier, he was working as a security guard.

He reportedly had a commission that permitted him to work as a safety officer from April 2016 to April 2020. In addition, before his license expired, he worked for three different companies.

The male suspect, who was from Dallas, was killed by police who was responding to another call nearby. President Joe Biden stated that the shooter in the ****** on Saturday was wearing battle gear and was using an AR-15-style rifle.

According to investigators cited by US media, he might have had ties to the far-right as evidenced by an apparel patch he wore. Following the deadly ******** and Mauricio Garcia’s *****, people are intrigued to get updates on his obituary and why he opened the mass ********.



Mauricio Garcia ***** And Obituary

The suspected gunman, Mauricio Garcia, who was 33 years old, was fatally shot and killed by a police official who was in the Dallas suburb at Allen Premium Outlets on an unrelated call, investigators announced on 6th April 2023, just a few hours after the ********. 

At the moment of the ********, the suspect was residing in a Dallas-area hotel, as per the people aware of the investigation.

The shooter used to reside with his parents and family in the east of White Rock Lake, East Dallas, as per his parents’ neighbors. 

They reported that on Saturday night, the parents’ house was cordoned off by authorities, including the FBI, who stayed until early on Sunday morning.

Mauricio Garcia *****
The place where the mass killing occurred on 6th April 2023 is pictured. (Source: Washington Post)

After Mauricio Garcia’s ***** as a result of getting fatally shot while opening a mass ********, people are searching for his obituary.

However, his official obituary hasn’t been yet released by his family members as they have decided to stay mum at the moment. Besides, Mauricio has also always kept his personal life and family affairs low-key, hence very less is known about his family background. 

Since the shooter is dead, a primary focus of the investigation department is whether anybody knew what he was planning to commit or helped him do it.

Texas Mall Shooter Shoot By Police Officer

As stated earlier, Mauricio Garcia from Dallas, was shot dead by a officer while responding to his mass killing of eight people. After his *****, people have shown a keen interest in the Texas Mall ******** case and want to know more about what exactly happened that day.

During the time of the mass ********, Garcia possessed a handgun, and investigators discovered other guns and ammunition in his vehicle.

He shot his victims using an assault rifle, according to a law enforcement source who spoke to CBS, and many rounds of firearms were discovered on him. Additionally, Mauricio was dressed in ballistic armor.

Mauricio Garcia *****
After Mauricio Garcia started the fire at Texas Mall on Saturday, hundreds of people fled. (Source: Independent)

In order to determine whether he may have had ties to radicals who advocate domestic violence and other like-minded people, investigators are searching social media and internet accounts for information.

Furthermore, CCTV footage appeared to show Mauricio exiting his car in the mall parking lot and firing on bystanders without warning.

Mass ******** cases as such are extremely heartwrenching to hear and it questions the safety protocol and measures throughout the globe.

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